App Store rejected over 1 million new apps as well as 1 million app updates in 2020. – CNBC

Aren’t the figures alarming?

The year 2020 was a very crucial as well as tough year for both the App Store as well as the app developers. Many applications, both old and new, got rejected for a range of reasons like an incomplete version of the app submitted, egregious violations found, not functioning properly, carrying undocumented features, and many more.

Here are some more stats from this year that says a lot about the challenges of the App submission on the App Store-

App submission on the App Store

Source: Apple

It’s not that the App Store rejects every application that comes in. In fact, they assisted around 180K new developers in launching their application in the same year. App Store is always ready to help its developers, the only condition is that their app should conform with the App Store Review guidelines precisely and is able to deliver the best possible user experience.

Creating a mobile app is a costly and extensive process, comprising numerous steps and phases, starting from the requirement analysis, designing and coding, to testing and deployment. Hence app rejection after all these efforts comes out as a real disappointment for the developers/ app proprietors.

So, if you are also dealing with the same problem, and looking for a way to submit your application successfully without hassle, you are in the right place. The only sure-shot way to launch your application successfully and prevent rejection is to get acquainted with the App Store guidelines prior to developing the app or attempting to submit it in the App Store. So, without further ado, let’s run you through the major areas of app rejection.

5 Reasons Why your App can get Rejected by App Store

  1. 1. Safety Loopholes within the Application

    Safety is the primary concern of the user when he downloads or purchases an application. The App Store does not accept such applications that do not fit their safety criteria. Here are the safety loopholes that lead to app rejections-

    • Containing Offensive or Objectionable Content

      Offensive or objectionable content present in the app can lead to app rejections. These are the contents that tend to hurt the emotions of the users, commenting about controversial topics like religion, race, nationality, or sexual orientation. Also, if the content within the application promotes violence on anyone(Human or Animals) or spreads false information, it will never be accepted by the app stores

    • Mishandling of User-Generated Content

      If your app includes user-generated content and it fails to prevent intellectual property infringement or does not have measures for handling anonymous bullying or threats, the app store will reject the application.

    • Misusing the Kids Application

      Instant rejection awaits your app if it belongs to the category of the kids and it is not safe for them. If your app is displaying content that is inappropriate for the kids or collecting personal information as well as device information without parental consent, the App Store will kick out your app in no time.

    • Causes Physical Harm

      If your app causes physical harm in any way, for instance, spreading wrong medical information among the users, as well as not having regulatory permission, a drug prescription is made without expert guidance, the app will be considered unsafe for the users, hence will be rejected.

    • Lacks Support for the Users

      The only way for the users to reach out to the developers and convey the grievances is through email or by giving them feedback. If your application does not allow the users to reach out to you for the problems they are facing with the application, you are pushing your application towards rejection.

    • Lacks Measures for Data Security

      If your application does not have a clearly defined license agreement and guidelines about using the user information, your application might not be considered safe.

  2. 2. Performance of the Application is Subpar

    An application is expected to fulfill a need, and if it is not able to do so, there is no point in having it on your device. Here are some critical performance gaps that can hold your application back from acceptance on the app store.

    • Application is Incomplete

      If your application carries incomplete information in it, such as metadata and URLs, or placeholder text, or has an undocumented feature, or it is still not in its final version, the app will be straight away rejected by the app store.

    • Not Tested Properly Against Bugs

      If your app is not tested completely and carries bugs or it’s still in its beta version, it will never be accepted in the app store. The application carrying bugs are prone to get crashed and slow down vigorously, affecting the overall device health. The bugs also deviate the application from its actual functionality.

    • Carries inaccurate Metadata

      Using inaccurate information within the application is against the app store review guidelines. The user should always have accurate and authentic information about the application, right from its features, direction to use, to the screenshots of the stages when the game is in process. Along with this, you should also provide details about the in-app purchase options present in the app, if any.

    • Software is Outdated

      If your app is outdated, not compatible with the OS version, the app is rejected. So, whether your app was once accepted by the app store, if you do not keep it up to date in relevance to the upcoming version of the OS, it will be rejected.

    • The App is Transmitting the Virus

      If your app violates the app store review guidelines, transmitting a virus or malicious code to the user’s device, through the push notifications or links, the app store will take immediate action. If the mistake is repeated, you might be removed from the app developer program.

    • App Alter the Core Function of Standard Switches of the Device

      If your app is altering the core function of the standard switches of the devices such as volume or home buttons, the app will be rejected.

  3. 3. Business Model is Unclear and Invalid

    App monetization is the ultimate aim of every app proprietor unless the application he is making is for any special cause. Creating an application that earns you money is fair enough and acceptable unless it is harming the users in any way. However, if your app does not have a clear and valid business model that explains the monetization aspects clearly, the app store might reject your app. Though you can set the price of your app as per your choice, however, if the intention behind it is cheating the users through irrational pricing,  App Store does not tolerate it hence rejects the application.

    To know more about app monetization, check out: App Monetization: 6 Bankable Business Models that Help Mobile Apps Make Money

    Reviews play a very important role in app monetization success, considered as the deciding factor for the users during application purchase. Users are more inclined toward the applications that have more positive reviews on the app store over the ones that are not reviewed or have bad reviews.

    Hence, many of the application proprietors tend to manipulate the reviews and sometimes go for incentivized feedback to rank higher on the App Store. If the app store finds you indulged in such things, it will reject your application immediately or even expel you from the Apple developer program.

  4. 4. Design is Copied or Outdated

    The app design has a huge contribution to the user experience. The better is the app design, the higher is the user experience, hence the more is the demand and life of the application on the App Store. App Designing is not a one-time thing, to stay relevant forever, you need to check it periodically, and upgrade it with the latest technologies.

    Also, make sure, your app is uniquely designed and you do not copy the design of any other popular application present on the App Store. If you are found doing so, it is considered as an act of infringement of the intellectual property, pushing your app towards app rejection.

  5. 5. The App is Indulged in an Illegal Act

    If your app is found indulged in any sort of illegal activity, the app store will immediately reject the application. To stay within the App Store, the application should abide by all the local laws. Here are some of the critical legal factors, if avoided, leads to app rejection-

    • The apps promote any criminal activities like human trafficking and child exploitation.
    • The app is stealthily discovering user passwords or other private data.
    • The app collects and shares user personal information from other sources without consent and is used in the developer’s interest such as sales and marketing.
    • The app is making a user profile by itself from the collected data without the user’s consent.
    • The developer fails to maintain the code of conduct with its users

Wrapping Up

You are remembered for the rules you break.

You must have heard about this famous quote by Douglas MacArthur(an American military leader), which holds immensely true for the app store as well. Whether it’s the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, both of them always remember its applicants/ app proprietors whose apps were rejected on some grounds and keeps a check on their future app submissions.

So, if you are one of them who has been struggling with App Store rejections, or someone who is willing to launch his application for the first time and wants to prevent the rejection, the article must have guided you enough. By pursuing the checklist of app rejection provided in the article, you can diminish your app rejection chances.

However, if the process seems arduous to you, hire iOS app developer. Our experience in the development and submission of mobile applications enables us to fully understand the complexities involved in app submission, hence we offer end-to-end mobile app services to assist you at each step of the process from app development to easy app approval.

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