With the progressing time, technology isn’t just moving in the direction of making human lives easier, but also more efficient by allowing them to multitask. One of the biggest contributions of technology to the world towards the motto is mobile devices. The demand for mobile has been increasing since its introduction, in fact, today the user preference is inclining more towards mobile devices in comparison with the regular desktop computers which compels them to stick to a single place.

80% of users used a mobile device to search the internet in 2019.- QuoraCreative.

Looking at the demand, companies are persistently working towards addressing the requirements of the mobile device customers by developing various solutions that are, the native applications, responsive websites, and the latest ongoing trend that is Progressive Web App (PWA).

  • Native apps are known for their phenomenal user experience, however, they come with setbacks of dependency on the devices and platforms.
  • Responsive websites, not required to be downloaded and diminishing the dependencies, perform better but the user experience is compromised.
  • Progressive Web App(PWA), a perfect blend of a responsive website and native application, picking up the best of both the approaches, is considered the best among the three. Users prefer faster yet economical(in terms of data usage) websites or application, in fact 53% of mobile visits drops occur due higher loading time that is more than 3 sec.PWA, with the features like being lightweight, consuming less data in execution, faster loading time as well as allowing to use it offline, perfectly fits in this criteria, subsequently attracting more users.

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However, the question is that as you have been using the native application and websites for years, Why should you opt for the PWAs for your business? To clear the haze, let me illuminate the features of Progressive Web Apps, and give you clear reasons to choose it for your business.

How can a Progressive Web App help your business grow?

Alex Russel, a Google Engineer and the creator of Progressive Web Apps(PWAs), calls it a “Responsive, connectivity-independent, app-like, fresh, safe, discoverable, re-engageable, installable, linkable web experiences” solution.

20% of the companies will give up their mobile apps by 2019- Gartner.

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The prevalence of Progressive Web Apps is expanding at a more noteworthy pace, and in fact, it is relied upon to possess a larger part of the market in the coming years. Considering its revolutionary concept and incredible features, numerous tech mammoths like Twitter, Alibaba, Ola, etc. have already incorporated the Progressive Web Apps into their business and are reaping the advantages out of it.

Look what the companies are talking about the experience of using PWAs.

  • After including Progressive Web App In 2017 as Twitter Lite, one of the best Progressive Web Apps, Twitter experienced a remarkable benefit in its business. PWA, having a contrasting size difference with the mobile app and diminishing the data usage up to 70%, have shown a wonderful difference in the business by  expanding the number of tweets up to 75% and page meetings up to 65%, clearly indicating a better performance.
  • Pinterest, with approx 300 million active users, is one of the most familiar websites looked up for creative ideas. After opting for PWA, Pinterest observed some noticeable changes in its business such as approx 45% increase in revenue generated from user-generated ads, an increase in ad click-through rate up to 50%, and improved user engagement.
  • Alibaba, one of the leading marketplace,  incorporated the Progressive Web App in their business and the changes after this are worth mentioning such as 4 times higher customer interaction rate, expansion in web conversions up to 76% and increase in number of clients.

This was just a glimpse of the advantages of Progressive Web Apps, which is already shouting about its potentiality. Check out the factors, how you can use PWAs to benefit your business.

  • Low Development Cost

    Platform dependency of the application is a major point of concern for both the business as well as the users. Developing a native application for each and every target platform can prove to be a costly process for a company, requiring to invest the same amount of resources again and again.

    A Progressive Web Application, with no dependency on any platform, comes as a salvage here. All that you need to execute a PWA, is just a web browser, making it compatible with multiple devices and preventing the unnecessary investments in developing separate applications for each dedicated platform.

  • Wide Customer Reach

    Progressive Web Apps, facilitating the use of the application on any device regardless of the operating system or the device configuration, has expanded its boundary, subsequently broadening the client reach. Higher customer reach can prompt more prominent lead conversion- the ultimate motive of a business.

    Another reason behind the expansion is its amazing website-like performance including tremendous speed, comprehensiveness, and effective dataflow, making it eligible for the Search Engine Optimisation to be found. The native application, on the other hand, is difficult to discover as its data cannot be used for SEO purposes, hence, in order to get found it needs to be based on some exceptional idea.

  • App Store Dependency

    A successful launch of an application comes with a lot of challenges, including targeting the right audience, developing the app for the dedicated platforms i.e. Android and iOS, and abiding by the app store guidelines, failing it can prompt app rejection. Not only this, even if your app gets accepted then you are compelled to share approx 30% of your App revenue to the App Store in the face of the App store commission.

    Progressive web apps, on the contrary, do not require to be launched on Play Store or App Store, liberating you from all the related problems i.e. paying commission or abiding by each and every guideline, etc.

    Here, you will get a detailed approach to launch your application successfully.

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  • Push notification

    Push Notifications earns nearly 40% Click-through-rates, more than the promotional emails which are around 20-25%. – BusinessofApps

    Push Notifications acts like a secret weapon that companies use in their mobile apps to reach the customers and serve them better for enduring commitment. Despite living on the browser, the Progressive Web Apps are capable of performing the device-specific functionalities as well just like the applications, that is the Push Notifications, empowering you to reach out the target audience and increase the lead conversions

  • App-like Look and Feel

    According to a survey done on Amazon in March 2019, 85% of eCommerce activity was done over the app rather than the website, Statista.

    The demand for the mobile app has always overshadowed the websites. Users admire the native applications for numerous reasons, such as its extremely understandable interface, facility to use it offline as well as a personalized experience.

    Progressive Web App (PWA), combining the best of both worlds that is the Application and the website, has come out as a victor for the users,. astounding them by delivering the same look and feel as the native application and the flawless performance like the website.

  • Hassle-free Experience for the Users

    The most important thing about Progressive Web App is the hassle-free experience offered by the application to the user. With the PWA, the user need not worry about downloading the application, optimizing the memory, data usage, or seeking app permission to connect to your business. Users can quickly jump to the browser, launch the website, and proceed with the desired services. A good experience leads to higher customer retention, thereby benefiting your business.

  • More Security

    As you know, in order to minimize the risk and enhance the security over the internet, Google has made a switch from HTTP to HTTPS(secure), making it compulsory for the publishers to switch their website too, failing which the access to the website is denied with a warning message. Hence, in order to successfully execute over the web browser, the Progressive Web App also uses HTTPS, offering a secure experience to the user as well as the business. Hence, with PWAs, you need not stress over the security of your data and connection anymore.

How a Progressive Web App could be a game changer for your Business?

Progressive Web Apps, a self-contained, fast, and safe app delivered through the web, definitely fits well in the current market demand, bringing about higher ROI and more prominent lead conversions. PWA, not only leads to higher customer satisfaction but it also adds value to businesses as well. So, now you know why companies are moving forward and opting for Progressive web apps and in fact, you might have made up your mind to transform your idea of the customer reach, thereby growing your business. If that is so, get started and follow the guidelines, to kick start your journey with Progressive Web Apps.

  1. Identify the real objective of your Progressive Web App.
  2. Choose the appropriate technology such as React, Ionic, Polymer, etc.
  3. Pick the most dominating yet essential features for your Progressive Web App
  4. List down the features you wish to keep offline
  5. Hire a Progressive Web App Developer and lift up your business.
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