Have you built your application, yet battling with the app store approval policies? Or Still wondering Why is your App getting rejected, despite so many efforts?

The excursion of an App launch does not end with the design and development, there is a lot to do even after that, which is submitting the Application in the App Store and struggling with acceptance and rejection of the application. App Store is very specific about the acceptance criteria of the Application, clearly mentioned in its guidelines, failing which makes the application eligible for rejection.

App Store aims at providing a secure experience for users as well as a wonderful opportunity for all the companies to be triumphant in their sectors. However, App Store Rejection is no less than a nightmare for the companies as their endeavours can never be harvested unless the App gets successfully placed on the App Store. The App Store rejection can take place both before and after the App launch. If the Application violates the guidelines even after the launch, the App Store drops it from the App Store. Let’s dive in to find out reasons leading to App Rejection and how it can be dodged.

5 Ways to Avoid App Store Rejection

There are mainly 5 verticals to define rejection criteria- Performance, Payments, and Subscriptions, Designing Standards and Originality, Laws and Policies, and Safety, taking care of which can prevent your application from getting rejected.


40% of applications get rejected due to Performance issues.Apple

The performance of the application plays a crucial role both before and after the app deployment. The sustenance of your application depends on its performance. The better is the performance of your application, the longer it will be used. But before reaching the users, your application needs to fit in the App Store performance criteria, failing to which it gets rejected by the review team.

Performance factors that should be considered to avoid App Store rejection

  • The foremost thing before placing your app in the App Store is the App Completeness. Make sure, your application carries all the necessary data with functional websites and URLs, detailed descriptions, and working modules. Any kind of broken links, irrelevant data, or superfluous pages ought to be expelled prior to App submission.
  • The Application should be compatible with the hardware as well as software so that it could be used over various devices with the same OS, without harming the device or draining the battery. Also, your application should be self-sufficient and does not download any extra file, viruses, or harmful code that corrupts the software, hampering the functionalities of the device.
  • In order to avoid the bugs and prevent application failure, the application should be thoroughly tested before the submission. The app store never accepts any sort of invalid redirection, frequent crashes, or suspicious piece of code; hence your application can be rejected on these issues.
  • Your App should carry authentic as well as complete information regarding the app functionalities and features, usage criteria, age criteria, future releases, payment information, subscriptions, veritable screenshots, your own valid details, so the user can contact you when required. As per the App Store guidelines, your application should be documented in detail and it shouldn’t carry any hidden features that are not documented or the information that is misleading to the user, this is against the guidelines, leading to App rejection.

Payments and Subscriptions

Payment and Subscriptions of the Application should be carefully handled, abiding by the payment policies of the App Store. While the submission of the App, you should clearly define the concept of your application and also a justified reason for which the payment is conducted and how. If the app owner/company fails to explain the pricing criteria well, the App will get rejected, in order to prevent cheatings and fraud.

The developers should also take care of the subscriptions of the application and manage their upgrades and auto-renewals properly, following the subscription guidelines. Payment for any purchase or subscription made by the user should be made through In-app purchases; any other payment options are not permitted. Also, the advertisement used for the monetization should be chosen cautiously, so that it goes with the preferences of the user such as age limit.

Designing Standards and Originality

The unique and original design idea is something that is appreciated and acknowledged by the App Store. The application with similar design and content like any other app already present on the App Store will get rejected. Also, your application should be designed as per the designing standards and should be engaging.

You should create your own ideas and should try to incorporate unique concepts in your application. The App Store considers the applications which are made on creative concepts and holds the potential to engage and entertain the user for a longer time. Not only during the submission of the application, but designing and the functionality should also be upgraded continuously even after the release as per the ongoing demand, making it more attractive to the user. An unattended application is more likely to get rejected by the App Store.

Law and Policies

The Application should strictly follow the law and policies of the App store as well as the location that it targets. The company should ensure that the application should not promote violence, illegal activity, or any kind of crime among users. The privacy and security of the data of the user is also a major point of concern for both the App Store as well as the user. It is extremely obligatory for the app owner/company to explain the reason for the data collection as well as ensure that the user data is handled carefully. Before using any information, the application should seek the user’s permission, thereby respecting their privacy.


Safety is a very crucial factor for a user, as he will never download an application from the App Store unless he is confident enough about it. Hence, to get the application accepted within the App Store, it becomes essential for the developer that he should carefully place the content within the application, considering the safety of the user.

The application should not contain any such content which might harm the health of the user through inappropriate medical suggestions, hurt their religious sentiments, violate their Intellectual Property Right, or misuse user data. If the application includes the User-generated content(UGC), the developer should incorporate certain measures to control the UGC, in order to prevent the creation of any inappropriate content.

Need to forestall your App from getting rejected?

Hopefully, a successful App submission and launch do not appear to be a delusion to you anymore, as the article gives you a definite guide to follow. Though the App Store guidelines are quite beneficial for the users and the companies, however, adhering to an entire lake of instructions is definitely a complicated task.

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