A strong online presence gives your business an ideal platform to rightly communicate with your potential users. Subsequently, this gives the credibility that you need, to attract more customers.

But did you know, from all the users visiting your site, it takes only 50 ms for them to determine whether they will stay on your site or not ! This means you have only 50 ms to create the first good impression on your user’s mind. And because the first impressions are 94% design related, why take a risk choosing infelicitous components to design your valuable web presence.

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Considering this, to build a modern-day web application, you need to supplement it with attractive functional features. AngularJS frameworks rectify this need and are used for building fully dynamic websites having rich features. Interestingly, you might be using AngularJS right now without even knowing it! 

Here we share with you the 7 most suitable AngularJS frameworks that can help you to develop your dynamic web application.

What is the AngularJS framework?

AngularJS is the most popular JavaScript framework on the web backed by Google and is been around for a while. It is used by companies to power their websites which includes giants like Google, Amazon, Udemy, and many others. 

AngularJS is an open-source framework that works on the client-side of your application and allows you to build your app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

AngularJS is built on top of the MVC pattern, making it easier to write large applications while maintaining high performance, scalability, and maintainability.

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Why should I use AngularJS Framework?

AngularJS, a  front-end application framework makes it easier to win the target market, provides customer interaction, and subsequently surpasses your competitors. Let us see what makes developers use AngularJs Framework.

  1. Very Easy to Get Started –  AngularJS is perhaps one of the easiest technology any developer can think of. 
  2. Affordability – Being an open-source application with ease in usage and implementation, AngularJS developers can turn up customized web pages at lower costs.
  3. Easy Customization – Based on the feedback provided by the customers, AngularJS can enable the addition and deletion of particular features. This also avoids the unwanted elements in development to bring out a user-friendly experience for the customers. 
  4. Faster Development – Utilizing AngularJS MVC architecture, it is easy to execute all the tasks, whether simple or complex.
  5. Code Reusability – AngularJS frameworks allow the reuse of the same code wherever required, which also entails minimal coding. This not only helps to save time but also allows the developers to concentrate on some unique codes.

AngularJS provides more variety of advantages to make it preferable for the developers. Let us take a look at some most suitable AngularJS frameworks to develop your next web development project.

Top AngularJS Frameworks

1) Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is an open-source library, used for the development of HTML hybrid desktop and mobile apps. This angular UI framework is used in making your application user-friendly by creating some dynamic and flexible UI.

This angular framework is a combination of AngularJS framework and Bootstrap 3. This fusion gives brilliant features like switches, overlays, scorable areas, and absolute positioned top and button navbars that don’t bounce on scroll. 

The companies that use mobile angular UI are overwhelmingly found in the US (59%) with considerate involvement in computer software industries (33%) and information technology & services (19%).

Mobile Angular UI Features:

  • Mobile Angular UI provides some amazing UI mobile components like navbar, sidebars, modals and overlays, switches, etc.
  • Mobile Angular UI framework uses accordions in the section type of view, keeping any one section visible at a time.   
  • Mobile Angular UI framework also offers toggle switch elements using the ui-switch directive.
  • Mobile Angular UI can easily create hybrid apps by using AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap.

2) Ionic


Ionic is an open-source toolkit that utilizes web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with popular frameworks like angular. 

This cross-platform framework is utilized for developing hybrid mobile applications that can perform across diverse platforms including iOS and Android. 

Ionic bags 86% of the popularity voting by the developers in the mobile development stack as per a survey for the mobile tools market. 

Ionic Features: 

  • Ionic framework is built with simplicity, making it easy to learn.
  • Ionic CLI is used for starting, building, running, and emulating applications.
  • Ionic is engineered to work as a standalone web component library with the latest JavaScript frameworks. 
  • Ionic allows customized and reusable HTML tags to use in web pages and apps. 
  • Ionic lazyloading pattern distinguishes the initialization of the components until it is needed. This enhances the performance and reduces the load time.

3) Prime NG

Prime NG

Prime NG is an Angular UI framework with over 80 angular UI components with top-notch quality that will allow you to implement all your UI requirements in a style. 

From native themes to pre-built widgets, Prime NG has a lot to offer, that can incorporate various front-end web app components. 

Prime NG offers completely free and open-sourced widgets including components like charts, form inputs, menus, overlays, and more. Also, Prime NG offers 16 themes along with 200+ icons free of cost.  

Prime NG Features:

  • It offers higher productivity to allocate time to business logic.
  • It allows bypassing dealing with complex user interface requirements.
  • It provides highly customizable native angular CLI application templates.
  • It allows you to choose from a variety of options including material and flat theme designs.

4) Radian


Radian is an open-source JavaScript library that smoothens to embed plots in HTML documents. Utilizing the AngularJS framework imparts the machinery to implement custom HTML elements and allows two-way binding joining attributes in HTML elements and javascript variables. 

One important feature of Radian is it does not require writing any JavaScript and is easy to use for functional as well as data-based plots.

In addition, Radian uses the D3.js library for graphical creation to develop SVG components. Besides, to make these components available from any browser, they can be embedded directly on the page.  

Radian Features:

  • Radian API plots are defined declarative using custom HTML elements.
  • Radian supports common plot types like lines, points, bar charts, area plots, and heatmaps.
  • Radian plots are generated as SVG elements that are directly embedded in the page.
  • Radian is extensively used in the BayesHive statistics platform.

5) Suave UI

Suave UI

Suave UI is a framework designed for generating UI web applications based on AngularJS. It consists of various CSS definitions like layered elements, grid, and form elements along with services and derivatives. This makes it easier for the developers to develop a variety of UI components for web applications.

Suave UI features:

  • su-anchor attribute of layered elements tells caller element, what to open.
  • It is easier to enable or disable grid guidelines by Ctrl+Shift+~
  • Popup containers are hidden by default 
  • The loading variable will display an animated spinner instead of the element’s content.
  • su-placeholder will increase the original element width by itself.
  • su-input-group wrapper will apply better styles for a group of inputs.
  • su-select is used to style the elements by applying interaction elements colors.
  • su-max property in root-element will provide multiple selections with checkboxes.
  • suSnackbar service will display a colorful stripe with text that hangs on the top of the page.
  • su-c will apply color to the text and su-bc will apply color to the background.

6) Quarkus – Supersonic Subatomic Java

Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java

Quarkus is an open-source native Java framework customized by the best-of-breed Java libraries and standards developed with an objective to address a wider range of distributed application architecture. 

Also referred to as Supersonic Subatomic Java it is the hybrid UI framework for AngularJS that combines the web-based components, javascript, and CSS giving it the term agnostic framework.

It allows its users to use components that map HTML to contact innate APIs and completely innate interference effortlessly. 

Quarkus UI Features:

  • It has an amazingly fast boot time with an incredibly low RSS memory.
  • It provides high-density memory utilization causing instant scale-up.
  • Best supporter for HTTP microservices, reactive application, event-driven architecture, and serverless environments. 
  • It provides a growing list of over 50 best-of-breed libraries, all wired on a standard backbone.  
  • It increases developer productivity with tooling, pre-built integration, application services, and more.

7) NGX Bootstrap

NGX Bootstrap

NGX Bootstrap is an open-source tool that consists of almost all core components of Bootstrap, used to create components with great styling.

Angular NGX Bootstrap helps to make an interactive web application to enhance the overall interactivity of the web app. Because of its enhanced utility characteristics, the components of NGX Bootstrap are also known as modular, extensible, and adaptable. 

NGX BootStrap Features:

  • All the components can work on desktop and mobile with the same ease and performance ability, making it highly flexible.
  • All the NGX bootstrap components support the latest angular versions as all are unit tested appropriately. 
  • All the components use the latest style guidelines, to maintain code and its readability. 
  • All the components are very well written and documented to exhibit multiple functionalities. 
  • NGX Bootstrap has an MIT license enlisting it as the most commonly used open source project.

Angular Clean Code Checklist

Get this checklist in a portable document format & access it offline.

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Wrap Up

AngularJS is the most popular of the JavaScript frameworks that has actually eased out the development of web and mobile applications to a great extent. At Ace Infoway, Angular experts are embracing the fast, accurate and simpler techniques to create compelling frontend for web and mobile apps.

Reach-out to us for more detailed discussion on frontend frameworks, our web consultants will help you sort-out the best and suitable technology stack for your Custom Web Application Development.

Let’s team-up with us to start your next web development project.

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    1. What is Angular Framework used for?

    AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that was set in motion by Google in 2009. It’s designed to help you build large, complex web applications with minimal effort. It’s made with data-binding, dependency injection, and best practices in mind, so you can focus on business logic.

    1. How popular is AngularJS?

    AngularJS has earned its place as one of the most eminent frameworks among developers around the world. 

    It is reflected as there are a total of 10,16,579 live websites on the internet that uses AngularJS as of July 2022.

    1. Why should I use AngularJS?

    AngularJS is designed for developers, who seek more control over their web applications. So if you intend to manage your website lucratively, AngularJS is here to help you. 

    Here are the points that come along with AngularJS for the brilliant experience:

    • Data Binding
    • Architecture
    • Codeless
    • Dependency Injection 
    • Deep Linking
    • Directives
    • Routing
    • Productivity
    • MVC
    • Scope