Do you know a user hardly takes 0.05 seconds to form an opinion of your website?

Companies require an efficient, clean and stunning website to engage users and maintain their interests. Frontend development is significant to this concept. As you know, an improper development not only looks bad but also drives away your potential customers. That’s why planning an effective development process is essential to make impeccable development.

The frontend for any website or app is created with the combination of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It creates better user experience for buttons, menus, pages, links, graphics, and certain other interactive elements on web pages or apps. This task necessitates extra attention in terms of the latest trends and technologies to follow. 

Trends in frontend development change faster. Thus, you need to stay on top of the frontend development technologies for crafting a superior user experience on the web and mobile. Take a look at our comprehensive post on the top 3 frontend development frameworks you can’t miss in 2022:

Top 3 Frontend Development Frameworks

1) ReactJS

ReactJS is an open-source frontend JavaScript library developed by Jordan Walke for building structured user interfaces for websites and web apps. React allows developers to build large web applications that can alter data without requiring a page reload. The fundamental goal of ReactJS is to be quick, scalable, and simple.

ReactJS has dominated the frontend development space since its launch in May 2013.

The survey by Stackoverflow revealed that ReactJS is used by 41.4% of professional developers higher than any other technology.

Popularity reactjs 2022

Why did ReactJS Become So Popular?

ReactJS has become popular because of its added simplicity and versatility. Many companies are also referring to it as the future of frontend development. Around 10,499,785 live websites using ReactJS.

Many market giants are opting for ReactJS development to expand their user base. Some of the examples of ReactJS websites are GitHub, Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, Salesforce, BBC, and Reddit among many others.

These examples of top organizations implementing ReactJS are a clear indication of something significant, the increasing usability making it a preferred frontend framework. It clearly shows the effectiveness of React websites is not restricted to a single genre or industry.

overall growth of reactjs

Benefits of ReactJS

Let’s roll into the benefits of ReactJS: 

  • Performance & Speed:

    React enhances an application’s performance with features like virtual DOM. It helps in improving the speed of web applications by removing the heavy framework codes found in bootstrapping libraries like JQuery.

    React’s performance and speed are due to the Virtual DOM (Document Object Model). Developers can use it to design faster and up to date applications. This is one of the topmost advantages of using ReactJS for the Front end.

  • SEO-friendly:

    Another advantage of ReactJS is its ability to deal with common problems with search engines. Mainly, these problems are unable to read JavaScript-heavy projects by search engines. It can operate on the server, render the virtual DOM, and return it to the browser as a regular webpages.

    The effective use of SEO improves the website and app’s ranking on Google search. Getting more users with organic traffic is the most important thing for any business looking for growth opportunities. React allows for simple SEO integration, which is a huge plus for any company.

    ReactJS is one of the most useful tools for building SEO-friendly web applications.

  • Flexible:

    One of the most-liked benefits of ReactJS is flexibility. ReactJS code is very simple, it aids in maintaining the flexibility of web or mobile applications. Its flexibility saves a lot of time and money on app development.

    The major goal of this library is to make the app development process as simple as possible. As a result, ReactJS development has delivered notable results in web development.

  • Strong Community Support:

    One of the most compelling reasons to use ReactJS for frontend development is its strong community support. ReactJS is continuously improving as an open-source library, thanks to a large community of developers who are helping people all over the world master the technology in various ways.

  • Reusable Components:

    One of the key advantages of ReactJS is the ability to reuse components. Developers save time because they don’t have to write many codes for the same functionalities.

    Besides any modifications made to one section of the application will have no effect on other portions of the application.

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2) Angular

Angular is an open-source frontend JavaScript framework. All the interactive components on a website are created with Angular. 

The framework’s primary goal is to assist in developing single-page applications. Angular focus on code quality and testability, that’s why it is the topmost choice of web developers.

The survey by Stackoverflow revealed that Angular is used by 26.23% of professional developers.

Popularity AngularJS 2022

Why is Angular Gaining Popularity? 

Angular is regarded as the “superhero” of JavaScript frameworks. This framework is popular because of its highly recommendable performance feature. Around 1,016,104 live websites using Angular.

Paypal, Udemy, Snapchat, Amazon, Netflix, and Gmail are a few of the major websites and applications that use Angular.

Angular is developed by tech-giant Google. It provides plenty of opportunities to create something new every day. 

Angular is an excellent choice for enterprise development. The frontend framework focuses primarily on code quality and testability, both of which are critical in web development.

overall growth of AngularJS

Benefits of Angular

Angular has achieved tremendous success in the field of web application development over the last few years. As a result, many businesses now use it as their primary JavaScript framework.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that Angular development provides: 

  • Two-Way Binding:

    One of the most significant advantages of Angular is two-way binding. This framework enables to model and view synchronization in real-time. As a result, it is simple for developers to make modifications during the development process. Any changes to the data gets reflected in the view.

    Two-way binding makes programming easier and eliminates the need for a testability controller. Angular developers can easily and quickly develop a variety of applications.

  • POJO Model:

    The Plain Old Javascript Objects (POJO) Model is used by Angular to make the code structure scalable and independent. This way, we avoid having to introduce complex functions or methods to the program. It also eliminates the need for third-party frameworks or plugins.

    Apps built with Angular load quickly and give outstanding user accessibility, the model allows us to keep our codes clean, making the framework goal-oriented.

  • Security:

    Many business owners are concerned about the security of their company’s web applications. Businesses are concerned about data breaches.

    RESTFUL APIs is utilized to interact with servers in Angular for web app development. This would safeguard your web application from malicious attacks. As a result, Angular development will provide you with complete peace of mind.

  • Single Page Applications (SPA):

    The concept of SPA is used in almost all modern applications.

    As SPA load a single HTML page and update only a part of the page with each mouse click. During the procedure, the page does not reload or transfer control to another page. This guarantees good performance and faster page loading.

  • Great MVC:

    Angular built on MVC architecture, which is commonly used for developing rich web applications. The MVC architecture allows Angular developers to easily handle the UI of their apps as well as the database.

    MVC architecture also assists in the development of apps that are simple to use, adaptable, and dynamic in nature. Additionally, Angular gets closer to the MVVM architecture (Model-View-View-Model), building a stable platform for application development.

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3) VueJS

Vue.JS is a progressive JavaScript framework for building the user interface of modern applications without requiring a lot of resources.

Vue.JS focuses primarily on the view layer, making it easier for developers to integrate it into existing projects. Vue.JS is ideal for developing single-page applications (SPA).

The survey by Stackoverflow revealed that VueJS is used by 20.09% of professional developers.

Popularity VueJS 2022

Why is VueJS Gaining Popularity? 

VueJS has many reasons for its immense popularity. But one of the most important is its capacity to re-render without any action. Moreover, it enables you to create reusable, compact, and robust components. In addition, it is a composable framework that allows you to add components as needed.

Around 1,940,742 live websites using VueJS.

Louis Vuitton, Adobe, BMW, Upwork, Alibaba, Gitlab, and Xiaomi are a few of the major websites that use VueJS.

VueJS includes everything you need to make development simple and painless. Aside from that, VueJS is adaptable, lightweight, and modular. VueJS also includes some incredible capabilities, as well as smart state management and routing choices. 

The framework allows for incredible development speed. Thanks to a large number of plug-ins that have capabilities to solve crucial problems in any application, allowing for cost-effective and quick product development.

overall growth of VueJS

Benefits of VueJS

VueJS is a popular frontend Javascript framework that is getting a lot of attention. However, selecting a technology just based on its popularity is insufficient.

So, let’s have a look at the benefits of the VueJS development that makes it a good fit for your project.

  • Component-based Architecture:

    VueJS is a component-based framework, the entire code for the frontend application can be divided into separate components.

    the components consisting of templates, logics, styles are bound together to form a web app.

    VueJS components are lightweight, reusable, and simple to test.

  • Lightweight:

    One of the most significant advantages of VueJS is its lightweight frontend framework. VueJS is only 18-21kb in size. It is up to 4x less than a minified JQuery.

    You can quickly download VueJS as it is smaller in size. It reduces load time and help in optimizing search engine and performance.

  • Easy Integration:

    VueJS support many third-party libraries and components. This makes it easy for developers to integrate VueJS into their existing projects. This saves a significant amount of time for companies who are attempting to stay on top of industry developments.

  • Progressive:

    VueJS framework is precisely progressive. It is gradually adopted in small steps and adds more markup to the HTML code. Consequently, it changes as per the needs of developers and does not require rewriting an existing application.

    Vue.JS is a basic script tag that you can be insert into your HTML code. It gradually expands as per your needs, until it can manage the entire layer.

  • Detailed Documentation:

    VueJS has well-defined documentation that allows you to easily comprehend the required method and develop your application. Additionally, it provides one of the best API references in the business.

    VueJS documentation is regularly updated. A good documentation is essential when using a new framework. Detailed documentation makes the technology easy to use and you’ll be able to fix bugs effectively.

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Benefits of Frontend Development 

The frontend development of a website or app is very essential as it is where users see and interact directly. It includes all menus, navigation, buttons, graphics, and other website components that users see on the screen. 

Why is Frontend Development Important? 

Frontend development has become an essential aspect of today’s web requirements. Businesses today cannot afford to ignore their customers or they will lose an edge over their competitors. The characteristics that must be required to possess the Front end Development are as follows:

  • Secured 
  • User-driven outcomes
  • Improves performance
  • Optimized navigation
  • Visitor retention
  • Communicates business intent and many more. 

Keep up with the latest frontend development trends to create compiling user interface with easy navigation. This is how you can embrace your website or web app with better user experience. 

Comparison of Reactjs-Angularjs-vuejs


To sum it all, we need to stay at the top of technology advancements and changing trends for crafting a superior user experience. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a suitable frontend framework to build a compelling user interface. That’s how we can create superior experience for users with our websites/apps.

As well as you need to have a best development team to assist you. At Ace, a team of expert frontend developers is always ready to assist your customer experience journey. Team up with us to have the best team by your side to create amazing UI for an awesome customer experience.

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