CLoud Computing

Cloud Computing – A technology where data is collected, processed and distributed through scalable resources operational capabilities are provided to external customers over the internet based on their access approval.

Cloud Computing services can be broadly categorized into 3 Services –

1) SaaS

– Software as a Service  is a service model for software license where softwares are developed and distributed as a vendor and then customers are provided access to the software for use on paid-basis over the internet.

2) PaaS

– Platform as a Service  is a platform where web applications are developed, deployed, tested, and supported as a service based on cloud hosting service.

3) IaaS

– Infrastructure as a Service is built on the concept of Cloud hosting where virtual-computer infrastructure is provided as a service.

Data as a Service and Everything as a Service are also being sought as part of Cloud services.

cloud comp

Worldwide spending on cloud services is projected to grow from $70B in 2015 to an estimated $141B in 2019 – Gartner.

In a Cloud Business Summit held in NYC last year, over 60 percent of enterprises are expected to have at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms by 2018.

Cloud Services 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS) $39.6 $42.2 $45.8 $49.5 $53.6
Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS) $9.0 $11.4 $14.2 $17.3 $20.8
Cloud Application Services (SaaS) $48.2 $58.6 $71.2 $84.8 $99.7
Cloud Management and Security Services $7.1 $8.7 $10.3 $12.0 $13.9
Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS) $25.4 $34.7 $45.8 $58.4 $72.4
Cloud Advertising $90.3 $104.5 $118.5 $133.6 $151.1
Total Market $219.6 $260.2 $305.8 $355.6 $411.4

Source: Gartner (October 2017)  | In USD – Billion

Through the World Wide Web & Cloud Hosting most requirements, specifically information processing, of various sectors esp. IT Sector can be met successfully. This is one of the strongest points of Cloud computing for IT-based solutions. Ace is bullish on cloud-based services and helps clients to speed up their pace and incorporate these services into their mainstream work environment.

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