Python, an open-source and high-level programming language, is famous for its simplicity and flexibility. However, this simplicity should not be misinterpreted with the lack of capabilities or low efficiency of the language. In fact, Python is one of the most powerful solutions and the top choice for some of the emerging technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc. Hence, you can say that Python is a simple yet powerful language.

According to a Forbes report, Python is the most preferred programming language and is expected to rule the market in the coming years as well, and this can also be traced through the increase in the demand for the Python professionals in the industry. Not only in the IT companies but, Python has become one of the main languages for teaching in the technical Universities as well. But the question is-

What is the reason behind the immense popularity of the Python language? Why is Python so popular?

The python popularity is for all the good reasons as it is packed with so many features, libraries, and tools. And also with strong backing from some of the tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc., Python is growing and developing every day, making it even more adaptive to the emerging needs. Let’s dig a little deeper and go through the various reasons behind this top position of Python in the market.

Beginners to Experts

Python is not restricted to a particular strata of programmers, instead, it is for all the levels be it a beginner, intermediary or an expert. The simplicity of Python language makes it a lot easier to learn and understand. The syntax of Python is more like general English, which not only makes it a great option for beginners but also for the professionals. Actually, with Python, the programmers can focus on problem-solving and new developments rather than struggling with the nuances of the programming languages.

Supportive Community

Being used for more than 25 years, Python has a tremendous fan base and developers community. The community proves to be a great helping hand for both the beginner and expert, as they can answer queries related to the Python and solve your problem whenever you are stuck on any part of your project. These communities also provide various study materials, guides, videos, tutorials, etc. and for the Q/A purpose, you can get in touch with the communities on any of the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, StackOverflow, etc.

Multi-paradigm Programming

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language, that supports object-oriented paradigm, functional paradigm as well as a procedural paradigm. This property of Python makes it a versatile programming language and hence a great choice for the projects that need multiple paradigms to perform better. It also enables the user to build both small and large multidimensional projects, as the programmer is no more restricted to follow a single paradigm rather he/she can make a choice as per the need, like, let’s say for deep learning the programmer can choose object-oriented paradigm and so on.

Enormous Library and Frameworks

Python comes with approximately 130,000 libraries, which is quite a humongous number. Due to these libraries, the programmer need not rewrite many lines of code and debug it, again and again, rather they can simply use these library functions in their program. This not only provides ease to the programmers but also saves a lot of time. Also if the framework is to be considered, Python supports, both, full-stack frameworks such as Django, CubicWeb, etc., as well as non-full stack frameworks such as CherryPy, Bottle, etc. These frameworks provide the users with a lot of support as it defines a structure of the program as well as also facilitates you with elements such as templates, form generators, etc.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have touched a height and will increasingly expand and extend to virtually every technology-enabled service, or app”, according to Gartner. Python is considered as the most popular language for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The major reasons for such popularity are its flexibility, platform independence, and fully-fledged library. Python library is equipped with functions that are associated with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence such as PyBrain, PyMl, MlPy, pyDatalog, SimpleAI, and many more. Being an interpreted language, it can be directly executed without compilation which makes it more suitable for the virtual machines and emulators and hence Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Testing Support

Python is a dynamically typed language, hence testing becomes way more crucial for it, than the statically typed languages. Though both manual and automated testing can be done with Python. However, we all know that automated testing has a number of advantages over manual testing such as higher speed, less prone to errors, efficient report generation, parallel execution, etc. Python provides various testing tools for Test Automation such as Pytest, Pyunit, Behave, Lettuce, etc. which eventually results in higher efficiency and that too with less hassle.

Web Application Development

Django, a python based web development framework, is no more a new thing in the software industry. A Web application development framework reduces a lot of complexities for the programmer as it consists of diverse libraries, templates, and functions that help the developer in designing the web pages, documentation, security, agility, testing, etc. Along with Django, there are many more such frameworks available in the market which have been a great support in building web-based applications, such as Flask, TurboGears, web2py, etc.,


The Python language has made some amazing progress since it was discovered and is continuously gaining popularity in the market. This ascent in popularity along with its simplicity and adaptability makes it a great choice of the IT companies. This article covers various reasons which have contributed to the success of this language. Hence, if you are planning to learn or make a project in Python language, this article gives you enough reasons to choose it as the technology behind your project. If this seems harder for you, our Ace experts will help you to get through this and build your python-based project.

Why Python is so Popular