The success of any project depends on how knowledgeable and skillful the development team is whether it is an in-house or remote team. Now, with over 6 million .NET developers worldwide, you must be wondering how to find the right .NET developer for your project in 2023.

No more worries!! In this article, we have covered every essential aspect that makes the process of hiring dedicated .NET developers effective and successful. So, let’s find the developers that will suit your project and its needs.

Important .Net Developers Skills to Know Before Hiring

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Reasons Why .NET Rules the World of Web Development?

.NET framework is getting even better, developed long ago in the 90s, this framework by Microsoft has so much to offer. The tech giant is continuously investing to add more capabilities. NET. Let’s understand some important reasons why .NET rules the world of web apps:

  1. Performance: .Net gives developers flexibility and scalability best suited for small to large projects. 
  2. Trusted & Secure: Built by top tech giant Microsoft and ensured by top-notch security. 
  3. Interoperability: .NET offers excellent interoperability and guarantees that security is not compromised in this process.
  4. Productive: Modern language constructs like LINQ and asynchronous programming are available in.Net, allowing developers to develop high-quality apps quickly.
    It is paired with shared APIs, multilingual support, classic libraries, and the Visual Studio Family.
  5. Platform Independence: .NET doesn’t restrict developers from building software products for any specific device or operating system.

Hire a Dedicated .Net Development Team

When Should You Have To Hire Dedicated .NET Developers?

The following is a list of the types of applications that can be built using dedicated .NET developers:

  • Logistic web apps to facilitate simplified creation of shipments and delivering goods at different locations. 

  • Digital content management solution for sellers and buyers on a single platform.

  • Healthcare or medical apps for patient monitoring.

    • Additionally, the .NET framework is great for building mobile apps because it is compatible with every platform and works well with Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems.  The Common Language Runtime (CLR) allows developers to write code in a variety of.NET languages, such as C#, C++/CLI, F#, and among other common intermediate languages.
  • You can hire dedicated resources to extend your team that works closely with your existing team if you need to speed up a current project, or if you need to upgrade or migrate your old .NET version to the latest one.  Additionally, you may hire dedicated .NET resources to maintain and upgrade your website regularly.

  • Order management solution for Sales, Purchase, Shipping, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Ticketing.

    • Using .NET technology gives zero dependencies on external tools like Google Sheets, email, project management systems, and more. All these features are compiled on a single platform.


  • .NET is a very strong and adaptable programming environment for creating IoT software.
  • Business Startups, that required upgrading or mounting to .NET technology to build MVP and scale it. .NET framework can develop into a fully scalable and robust platform to account for business growth. 
  • .NET technology is a very popular and most adopted technology for completely custom web projects. When you need completely customized software/apps for your business that are precisely tuned to your requests so that you get exactly what you want to meet your specific business needs. For this, you need to hire a dedicated .Net team of developers.

Famous Companies Using Microsoft .NET:

  • Stackoverflow
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • Cisco 
  • GoDaddy

Cost of Hiring .NET Developer

One must consider all essential aspects to determine the cost of hiring .NET developers. 

The following three factors should be taken into account when determining the cost of hiring .NET developers:

First, it varies from candidate to candidate which is quite obvious. Second, it depends on the complexity of the app. Third, the cost factor depends on the expertise and experience level of the .NET developer you hire. 

The cost of hiring .NET developers in the US starts from an average of USD 57 per hour and can go up to USD 93 per hour depending on the seniority, candidates, specifications, features, and complexity of the app.

While outsourcing remote .NET developers is cost-effective for web apps and software projects. An outsourcing company like ours will charge you between USD 20 to 40 per hour for a senior .NET developer.

Cost of Hiring .NET Developer

What Skills Should You Look for Before Hiring .NET Developers?

Based on how complex your project, you must have to check what .NET developer capabilities your potential developer possesses and what is his/her experience with .NET technology.  For the .NET framework, developers need to be aware of the best unit testing frameworks.

Apart from having a working knowledge of at least one.NET technology, extensive experience and knowledge of the coding environment, code structures, and system architecture are essential. 

Any .NET developer you work with must have a theoretical understanding and organizational understanding of its implications. In addition, developers should be able to work independently, be creative, flexible, and always willing to learn new things. The developer should have good communication skills to easily communicate with clients. 

Required Skills of .NET Developers:

  • Coding skills
  • Client-side technology
  • Programming languages
  • Soft skills

What Kind of Web Apps Can be Built Using .NET Technology? 

There are a lot more kinds of applications that can be developed using. NET. So, this is a more-or-less comprehensive list of the various kinds of applications that we can create using. NET.

  • ASP.NET Web Applications: These programs that used to run on a web server to handle user requests made over HTTP. ASP.NET web apps can range from simple websites that consist of HTML pages to advanced enterprise applications that run on local and remote networks. These enterprise applications also provide components for exchanging data using XML.

  • Web Services: These are “web callable” features that can be accessed by protocols like HTTP, XML, and SOAP.

  • Windows Applications: are form-based, industry-standard windows desktop applications for daily tasks. (For instance, Microsoft Word). Run only under Windows environment. These applications make use of the Windows operating system’s services.

  • Windows Services: These are long-running executable applications that run on the system in the background. The other processes that are running on the same computer are not hampered by these applications.

  • Console Applications: These are lightweight programs run in the DOS command prompt window. They are commonly used for test applications.

  • Mobile Applications: can run on a variety of mobile devices, including Pocket PCs, smartphones, and personal digital assistants. These applications offer constant access to data from mobile devices.  Depending on the mobile device, the.NET Framework automatically modifies these applications so they can operate on various browsers.

  • Internet of Things (IoT): The introduction of ASP.NetCore 3.1 to.NET Core 5 appears to have given companies a great way to develop IoT-compatible apps. Create IoT applications for devices like the Raspberry Pi, HummingBoard, BeagleBoard, Pine A64, and more using C# and . NET.

    One can use open-source frameworks and libraries to communicate with specialized hardware, such as sensors, A/D converters, and LCD screens.

  • Class Libraries: These are components you can create once and reuse several times in multiple apps. Class libraries allow you to define several classes with their methods and interfaces, in a single file. Due to code reuse, these libraries compile to.dll files and speed up the creation of new applications.

    All types of .NET apps are designed and developed using one or more .NET-compatible languages. Numerous technologies, including ASP.NET, VB.NET, VC++.NET, and ADO.NET, are part of the.NET Framework. You can create Windows applications using VB.NET and VC++.NET, Web apps and services using ASP.NET, and flexible database access using ADO.NET.

Best Practices for Finding Skilled .NET Developers

Here are some effective steps to find a .NET developer or a development company and build a loyal and trustful relationship with them. 

Step 1: Define Your Project Requirement Clearly

.NET developers have different skill sets and expertise. What you need to comprehend is your project’s requirements and the technology that is necessary to meet your business goals. 

Well-articulated requirements can help you and .NET development companies or developers to understand well and do the right job for you at the right time. 

Remember not to be fancy or imaginative when drafting your project requirements. Effective communication is the key. One incorrectly phrased or delivered idea can cause your project’s flow to go off in a different direction.

Step 2: Look for a Reliable Development Partner with the Right Talent to do the Job

Choosing a reliable development partner enables you to build high-performing and robust apps with better response time and security. 

When you hire a reliable development partner, you’ll be in charge of creating and deploying fully working, secure websites, desktop apps, mobile apps, and other custom solutions. A competent developer will be well-versed in the foundations as well as many elements of the .NET ecosystem & development including security features. 

Teams of .NET developers use a variety of techniques, including Windows authentication and per-app settings, to build safe, secure apps for any business model. 

Step 3: Check Company’s Portfolio 

One of the best ways to understand a company’s expertise is to look into its client’s portfolio. A portfolio can give you an idea of their capability and whether they have previously worked on similar projects like yours. Nowadays, companies showcase their client’s portfolios on their website, and you can also ask them to show the portfolio to you personally. 

Reviewing a project portfolio serves many things: 

  • It allows you to see whether the .NET core development company has worked on projects similar to what you require. 
  • It evaluates the company’s level of experience
  • It enables you to determine the scope of the company’s previous work and whether they can complete your project.

It is true the NDA can stop companies from sharing their previous project, in that case, ask them to give you a brief about the previous project, how they worked and how they benefited their clients. 

What’s New in .NET 7? New Features and Enhancements you need to know!


Step 4: Conduct Interviews

Once the candidates or the development companies have been filtered out, it is time to get into the interview phase for hiring .NET developers. The first step in this process is to conduct general interviews. 

The candidates who make it through the general round of interviews have to then face technical interviews where the emphasis is on evaluating the candidate’s grasp of their area of expertise. Make sure senior members, tech experts are part of this technical interview. 

Now, what key points to focus on in the technical round: 

  • Accomplishment
  • Technical know-how
  • Discuss SQL databases
  • Understanding of your business

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring .NET Developer

By this point, you should have a good understanding of how to hire.NET developers, but you probably don’t know what mistakes to avoid when hiring .NET developers: 

  • Focusing only on technical skills and neglecting team dynamics and other soft skills. 
  • Limiting your job search to a small number of generic sources.
  • Relying only on community forums and freelancing platforms to hire a developer
  • Hiring without doing a comprehensive background check
  • Failing to conduct a proper tech interview


This article covers key components of how to find a dedicated .NET developer for your project, we hope it has assisted you in selecting the best candidate or development company. One good hiring is an asset that will pay off in the long run. So, what are you still waiting for? React out to us and let’s discuss how we as a .NET development company can help you!

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