Sitecore being the hybrid CMS integrates the best of ‘Headless’ approach with the conventional CMS. Here is a list of compelling reasons which puts Sitecore as the obvious CMS choice.

Reason #1 Marketing team has better control over its strategy

A very popular misconception about using a Headless CMS is that it will force the marketing team to work in silos. Which is totally wrong, yes it gives the marketing team a certain level of independence in terms of devising a front-endless campaign structure but it also allows them to work more closely with the content team. The CMS allows you to centralize all your marketing content at one place and lets you overcome any inconsistencies in the core message and avoid duplication of content.

Reason #2 Marketing Technology Stack Is Flexible

One of the biggest advantages of Sitecore’s headless capabilities is that you can integrate a plethora of apps and platforms. In fact, you can even go to the extent of integrating it to your own custom built system without any hassle.

Reason #3 It Has a Balanced Approach for Both Developers and Marketers

The Sitecore CMS brings a balanced working environment for both marketers and developers, even though the majority of Headless CMS out there only cater to the developer side. As a marketer, you can leverage features like WYSIWYG editing, inline editing, and even content previews in Sitecore CMS.

Reason #4 It Supports Rich Text Editing

As a marketer, you have the facility to do inline editing, insert media using Sitecore’s Digital Asset Management. You can also employ features like content blocks, presentation elements, web forms etc. to construct your content’s presentation.

Reason #5 It Shows You The Preview of Content

The best feature of Sitecore’s headless CMS is that it lets marketers preview the content before it gets disseminated on various customer-facing platforms. It even lets marketers live edit the content so that they know the implications right away.

Other Headless platforms, owing to their native origins, did not offer the previewing option to marketers, rendering them blindfolded on the status of how the content would appear in front of their customers. They were more focused on the decoupling of the front end from the back end part.

Reason #6 This Is Not An Overnight Sensation

The need to go with a Headless CMS was a result of strong marketing requirement and not just a fleeting need to come up with a disruptive system. The Headless CMS ideology is going to stay here for the long haul as it addresses the gaps which the traditional CMS couldn’t foresee. Having said this, to believe a Headless is going to be

the answer to all your business needs will be unwise as well.


The decision to go with a Headless CMS should be based on the business need rather than going with a popular trend. It should be vetted by a seasoned technology partner who can diligently advise on choosing an Enterprise Headless or OpenSource CMS. Sitecore with its combination of Headless and Enterprise CMS features is by far the most ideal option out there.

Ace carries experience of a Sitecore certified MVP, Sitecore Commerce certified consultants and Sitecore DXP certified developers with combined experience of 24+ years.