• Are you still stuck in maintaining your client contacts on the static excel sheets?
  • Do event scheduling and documentation take up your valuable time?
  • In search of a solution to automate sales and manage your business efficiently?
  • Track insights into your customers’ interests and activity to serve them better?

The ultimate solution to scale your business dynamically is Salesforce, a cloud-based CRM platform that brings companies and customers together focusing on the idea to provide better customer support and services. The better is the relationship between the customer and company, the higher is the customer retention and sales productivity. It is inordinately crucial for a business to take the utmost care of customer satisfaction to indirectly benefit your business. 

How does the Salesforce CRM help business?

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM solutions available in the market with over 4 million user customer base – from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Salesforce is a one-stop solution for multiple tasks associated with the customer and the business such as lead generation, increasing sales, trace the customer lifecycle, data management, better customer experience, creating events and campaigns, etc. Here are some amazing features of Salesforce that allow you to transform the customer handling process and improve your business.

  • 360° View of Customer’s Data

Salesforce as this amazing feature that offers a 360° View of Customer’s Data through its cross-cloud feature i.e. a comprehensive view in one place. Salesforce does not work on the idea of replicating the data at one central place – rather it creates a separate profile for each user and connects it with other clouds related to customer data like sales cloud, marketing cloud, etc. The transparency in the system improves the availability of information and hence leads to better customer retention.

  • Trace Customers’ Interests and Customise the Services

Salesforce helps you to trace the customer’s interests as it tracks down the search history of the customer which is present under the tab called Activity History. On the basis of this record, you can categorize the customers and customize the services that are offered to them such as personalized emails for the customers. This not only gains the confidence of the customers as they feel taken care of but also helps the companies to know their customers better and serve them accordingly.

  • AppExchange 

Though Salesforce is already packed with a lot of essential CRM features, it also facilitates you to extend your salesforce services through the additional apps present in its cloud marketplace called Salesforce AppExchange. The Salesforce AppExchange has more than 4000 apps both paid and free ones, such as Mailchimp, Quickbooks, TicketManager, etc, which can be integrated seamlessly with your Salesforce as per the requirement.

  • Social Media Interaction 

With new users adding on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., social media can prove to be a really great medium to reach your customers and promote your business. However, hopping between different accounts separately in order to respond to the customers or participate in active discussions can turn out to be really painful. Salesforce understands this and allows you to access your various social media accounts at one place that is on the Salesforce dashboard itself. All you need to do is add your social accounts to your salesforce account so that it appears in the Quick Find menu and can be accessed in a few clicks.

  • Serve your Customers Effectively

A company has a number of customers, however, sometimes due to indecorous service and lack of interaction you might tend to lose some. Salesforce comes here as a savior enabling you to track and serve your customers effectively. Actually, with Salesforce you can sort your customers on the basis of their last interaction – for example, you can sort the customers who interacted a month or 2 months ago or even more. Once you are done with this, you have an entire list of the customers who have interacted at that time. Hence, now you can opt for appropriate actions for those customers who need your immediate attention accordingly like sending them some personalized promotional email or so.

  • Well Informed Teams and Secure Data Flow

Salesforce is a hub of customers’ information that keeps your teams well informed and also allows them to communicate with each other whenever required without any location constraint. Salesforce also takes care of the security of your data as due to the cross-cloud integration as well as the secure data handling tools, it reduces the data transfer on various platforms which eventually minimizes the security threats. Also, it applies three-level security on the data that are the object level, field level, and the record level, which regulate the data access with their separate and unique sets of security rules.

  • Track your Sales with the Opportunities Tab

Salesforce comes with a unique tab in it, called Opportunities. This is one of the very important sections present in the customer’s profile in Salesforce. This section gives you an idea of the sales related to a customer that is still pending or that are likely to occur in the near future, which can be extremely useful in the sales and revenue forecasts of your business.


Despite how large or small your business is, it has become imperative to use an effective CRM framework in order to stay ahead in the competitive market. Hence, being exceptionally fast, reliable and accessible over the internet throughout the world, Salesforce proves to be a perfect CRM SaaS solution for your company. So, if you are willing to increase the customer retention rate and enhance your business, our Salesforce developer will help you through this and build your Salesforce-based SaaS application that perfectly fits your requirements.

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