Installation, Configuration, Storage, Troubleshooting appear to be agonizing to you? SaaS (Software as a Service) relieves you from this pain. SaaS framework is a cloud-based software service that takes care of all the above factors and allows you to make the most out of it, once you subscribe to it. SaaS framework is gaining popularity ever since it was discovered and is no more a new concept. Its popularity can be estimated through some of the most demanded applications of SaaS such as Google Apps like Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365,, Dropbox, and many more. The success of these SaaS products is inspiring many other companies to try their hands in SaaS.

However, the foremost and the most crucial thing before building a Software is deciding its tech stack i.e. choosing the technology and framework for the front-end as well as the back-end. Factors to consider while choosing a front-end or back-end tool are its core functions, popularity, usability, libraries, learning curve, security, flexibility and many more. And as per all these factors Laravel and React js leads the list in their respective sectors. Hence, if you are looking up to build a SaaS project, this article will guide you through the reasons to choose React JS and Laravel as the front-end and back-end tool respectively.

Advantages of using Laravel for SaaS

Backend decides the functionality of your website and acts as a base for the front end. It is responsible for controlling the server, database as well as the data flow. There are various backend frameworks available in the market, however, choosing the best from the options is an extremely crucial task. Laravel, a PHP based framework, has proven to be one of the best tools for the backend of the software and in fact, along with the SaaS, the combination becomes even better. The reason behind this is the outstanding features and components offered by Laravel, that helps you to design the best backend services for your Laravel SaaS project. Let’s explore the Laravel SaaS application that makes it stand out from the other frameworks.

• Blade- The Templating Engine

Laravel comes with a straightforward, yet amazing templating engine named as Blade. The best thing about this engine is that it allows you to use the plain PHP code in the blade views, making it easier to understand. In fact, these views are compiled and stored in plain PHP code itself, which remains consistent and available until the next modification. Hence, you need not recompile it every time you use it. This makes the Blade, a simply unique templating engine that has a lot of functions such as template inheritance, shortcuts to control structures, subviews, etc.

• Documentation and In-built Libraries

Documentation is another factor of Laravel that grabs our attention. It comes with clean and understandable documentation which provides great help to the developers. Also, with the unique object-oriented libraries along with the other in-built libraries, Laravel has become the most preferred framework for the backend.

• Security in Laravel

Security is the most important feature that you look for in a framework. Laravel comes with an outstanding security facility and takes care of the various security factors associated with your software. It implements techniques like password hashing, secured routing, HTTP authentication, and AES encryption to provide such a high level of security to your website or SaaS.

• Database Migration

The database migration feature of Laravel not only enables you to build a completely fresh database but also allows you to update your database from the pre-existing version to the new version without too much hassle. In fact, the feature also helps you to add and remove the tables, columns, etc. to/from your database very easily, through the migration methods called ‘up’ and ‘down’. In case, you want to undo the migration changes made to your database, Laravel helps you with this as well through the function called ‘rollback’. So, with this function, you can restore your database to its previous state if needed.

Advantages of using React js for SaaS

The front end of your website works as a guide for the user to interact with a website and approach your company. So, in order to build an effective user interface and enhance the user experience, a good front end tool can bring a big difference.

Backed by Facebook, React is most sought after front- end tool after Angular. It is a javascript framework that is used for building the independent SPAs(Single Page Application). Packed with features like SEO integration, code reusability, quick debugging, easier migration, etc. React js has become a perfect fit for the front end tool for the SaaS projects as well. Take a look at the SaaS React js combination, to make the picture more clear.

• SEO Integration

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important for the growth of your SaaS company and to increase traffic. React can prove to be a great tool to build an SEO-friendly website and this can be achieved through faster server rendering. React js also provides a component called ‘react helmet’ which allows you to manage the title, metadata, style, etc.,

• Shorter Learning Curve

React comes with a shorter learning curve as for React js, you need not master any new programming language rather you only need to learn a library, which you can use along with the other javascript libraries as well. Being a simple javascript code and equipped with numerous built-in components, React not only becomes very quick to adapt and understand but also helps to increase code reusability.

• Easier Migration

React works wonders for migration from a pre-existing technological framework to a new framework, let’s say, from an older version of Angular to the newer version. In the case of other javascript technologies other than React js, you need to get acquainted and trained with the newer version of the technology to work on it. However, React js is at an edge here due to the use of the same javascript standards as the previous one, hence reducing the hassle of training and making changes.

• Rendering

React js is a fast technology, but the question is What is the reason behind its quick responsiveness and high speed? Actually, React comes with a unique feature called Virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which helps to avoid the frequent re-rendering in the web pages. With the help of Virtual DOM React js recognizes the occurrence of the changes and processes it in the virtual memory itself rather than the physical memory. Once the changes are processed then it is rendered on the website. Hence the reduced frequency of re-rendering eventually increases the speed of the website.


React JS creates interactive user interfaces and that too with complete ease. With evident effortlessness, speed, reusability, adaptability as well as quicker rendering, it takes care of the front-end and enhances the user experience. React JS is surely a perfect fit for the frontend development of your SaaS project.

On the other hand, Laravel works on a philosophy to Creatively Develop through easy syntaxes. For this it has picked the best features of various other frameworks like, Sinatra, etc. and combined into one solution so that the developers can work on the creative aspect of the project rather than struggling with the complex syntaxes. Hence, with so many powerful tools along with it, Laravel has come out as the best option for extensive backend development.
SaaS is omnipresent and will continue to remain in the future trends as well. Laravel and React JS can be the strong pillars for your SaaS project. So, without further ado, get your SaaS project built on React JS and Laravel and get the most out of it. For any further SaaS related assistance, you can get in touch with our Ace Experts.

Laravel, React js and SaaS The Perfect Combination