In this era of the Internet, companies are inclining more towards an online world and hence the demand for web apps and websites is increasing at a great pace. However, the issues that arise in your mind before building your web application are:

  • Complexity in building the web application
  • Security of the web application
  • Development cost
  • Processing time
  • Error handling and many more

This is where the web app development framework comes in. A framework plays a very important role in building an effective web application for your business as it contains various inbuilt tools that not only provide structure to your application but also save a lot of time.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is one of the most famous as well as an extremely secure open-source PHP based framework that has addressed all the above issues and came out as a perfect choice for Web App development.

Packed with so many amazing features, it has become the choice of many companies such as VisaCenter, Virginia Commonwealth University, Columbus Regional Healthcare System, etc. So, if you are wondering to decide a perfect solution for your website, the below list will give you some major reasons which clearly explain the role of CodeIgniter in speeding up your business.

  • Model View Controller Architecture
  • Effective Website Security
  • Efficient Error Handling
  • Faster Processing and Development
  • Loosely Coupled
  • Customization and Engineering
  • Easier Installation and Shorter learning curve

Model View Controller Architecture

CodeIgniter follows the MVC Architecture which enables the programmers to work on different modules in parallel. MVC is a three-layered architecture, and each layer addresses separate requirements such as Model for the data, Controller for processing and View for the result. Hence, if one programmer is working on one layer, the other programmer can also work on any of the remaining two layers simultaneously, which results in faster development and saves time.

Effective Website Security

Security is one of the most important factors you look up to for your website. CodeIgniter proves to be an ideal choice for this as it comes with the essential security tools which take care of the security of your website. Generally, the security threats on a website take place through the password, URI(Uniform Resource Indicator), Cross-site scripting (XSS), Cross-site Request Forgery and Uniform Resource Identifier. CodeIgniter in-built security tools help in regulating these factors and hence preventing security threats.

Efficient Error Handling

It is impossible to build a 100% error-free system at once, hence it is very important for a framework to implement an effective error handling mechanism. CodeIgniter has amazing error handling tools that enable the users to track and resolve the errors easily and efficiently. The error reporting feature of CodeIgniter, logs-in the errors and display them on the screen during the development mode. The reporting during this mode, instead of the production mode, make the error handling a lot easier for the programmer. In fact, along with the live display of errors, CodeIgniter also enables you to record these errors in the text file for future use and documentation purpose.

Faster Processing and Development

CodeIgniter is known for its small footprints and faster processing. It enables you to build your projects faster by availing various libraries and templates for frequently used functions, with a simple user interface to access them. So, with CodeIgniter, you don’t have to program these functions every time when you need it, instead, you can use it from the library itself. This not only saves a lot of time but also allows you to evolve your technical creativity in the interest of the business.

Loosely Coupled

Dependency between the modules is a major point of concern in a project. The more is the interdependency among the submodules of the software, the higher is the probability of the software crash or failure. The reason behind this is that if one submodule/web service fails, it affects the performance of the other modules and hence the entire software/website. CodeIgniter being a loosely coupled framework addresses this issue, that is whenever a web service fails it does not affect the entire website, rather it is just an in-place failure. This feature of CodeIgniter makes it a highly flexible and reliable solution for web development.

Customization and Engineering

What will be better if you are not bounded to work according to a framework, rather, the framework works according to you? CodeIgniter has made this possible, as unlike other frameworks, it offers unmatchable customization and engineering support to its client. The framework facilitates you to customize the templates, modules, and functions as per your need, which eventually helps you to build a highly-functional application. However, if you are not familiar with PHP or the technology, you can contact a CodeIgniter Expert to help you through this and get your website built.

Easier Installation and Shorter learning curve

Another advantage that has caught attention is that CodeIgniter is very easy to install. All you need to do is that download the package, unzip the folder and then finally upload the files on the server and start working on it. Hence, with CodeIgniter, you do not have to worry about the configuration and installation. Also, CodeIgniter comes with a shorter learning curve that is if you are familiar with PHP, you can adapt well with CodeIgniter and that too very easily. Hence, you need not worry about mastering so many technologies to work on Codeigniter like few other available frameworks.


As we all know, the ultimate aim of a business is profit, which is associated with many factors such as services, cost, customer experience, security, etc. These factors should be considered while building a web app or a website as well.

CodeIgniter proves to be a savior here, as it is simple, secure, as well as a fast solution that helps you to create a user-friendly website within a shorter period of timespan. Hence, if you are planning to get your website built on this framework and reap benefits for your business, you can hire a Codeigniter expert and get the best out of it.

Why CodeIgniter is essential to speed up your business