Laravel 10 Release – Important Details

Before Laravel 9, the major framework versions for Laravel were released approximately every six months. With Laravel 9, released on 8th February 2022, creators declared major releases to be annual. The modification accompanied a great set of improvements in Laravel 9 that included parameters like Symfony Mailer and Flysystem 3.x. In the same view, Laravel 10 is surmised to have modifications that will incentivize developers for better coding. 

Although, as per the Support Policy Laravel 9 version will receive bug fixes till 23rd August 2023 and security fixes till 6th February 2024. 

As per the same schedule, Laravel 10 release date is lined up on 7th February 2023. However, this does not infer to immediately convert all your Laravel projects to its version 10, as all the major releases has two years of updates.

Laravel 10 Release-Important Details


  • For general releases, bug fixes are provided for 18 months and security fixes are provided for 2 years. 
  • For LTS releases, bug fixes are provided for 2 years and security fixes are provided for 2 years.

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What’s New in Laravel 10? Features and Changes

Below are the main features and modifications that laravel 10 changes for improved functioning of Laravel.

PHP version update (8.1)

Laravel 10 requires the minimum version of PHP 8.1. This simply means that new features in Laravel 10 will no longer support the PHP ≤ 8 versions. In this context, the features coming with this league are totally worth it. Here are the features PHP 8.1 will include:

  • Consistent data classes
  • Use of nested attributes
  • Native support to Enums
  • First-class Callable syntax
  • No overridden in child classes
  • Explicit Octal numeral notation
  • Use of string keys to unpack arrays
  • Intersection types satisfy multiple constraints at the same time

Native type declaration in skeleton

The declaration for this feature was made by Taylor Otwell on 14th November 2022. Laravel 10.X will add type-hints and return types to all application skeleton methods.  In this regard, this addition will be made without breaking backward compatibility at the framework level. In other terms, a skeleton method with return of array can have an annotation to provide better type clarity when it is not possible through native types.

Laravel 10 - Native type declaration in skeleton

New validation rule via Artisan

# Using Rule Objects

Rule objects method allows registration of custom validation rules, using Artisan command make:rule.  The new rule can be placed in the app/Rules directory. Now, you can instruct Laravel to the error message by providing a translation string key instead of providing a literal error message to $fail closure. Further to access all the additional data under validation, rule class can implement Illuminate\Contracts\Validation\DataAwareRule interface. This will however require your class to define a setData method.

# Using Closures

The closure can be used instead of rule object, when the functionality of the custom rule is required only once throughout the application. 

# Implicit Rules

The unique rule will not be run against an empty string. Thus, to generate a new implicit rule object, make:rule Artisan command with the –implicit option can be used. 

App Security

Laravel showcases the most significant characteristics in its security functions. The Laravel 10 release also emphasis on it well-configured content security policy (CSP) that is capable to reduce the probability of user data theft and other malicious actions executed using cross-site scripting attacks. The other properties like the use of hashed and salted password mechanism also makes the app security stronger. 

Laravel 10 Installation

You can now test the Laravel 10 by using –-dev flag in your fresh project.

Laravel 10 Installation

Server Requirements to install Laravel 10:

The latest versions of the server Xampp/Wamp are required for Laravel 10 as that will be required to support the PHP 8.1 version for Laravel 10. 

For the latest version of Xampp:

For the latest version of Wamp:

Wrap Up

Laravel is one prominent open-source framework that has dominated the PHP framework arena for many years due to its expressive and elegant syntax. The latest version, Laravel 10 will make it convenient to develop web apps. 

These are some features that are anticipated for its latest release. However, there can be much more to come by 7th February 2023. In that instance, if you want to have a go-to partner for your web app designing, you can hire Laravel experts from the best Laravel Development Company.

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Laravel 10 - new features