Are you perplexed about the platforms to build your website upon or still wondering about the potentials of WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS software and the choice for whopping 63.1% of the websites such as eBay, IBM, Sony, Forbes, The NewYork Times, CNN, The Samsung, TechCrunch, etc. With more than 5Lacs active installations and 5 WordPress series including 30+ better and successful versions, WordPress is considered the best open source CMS across the globe.

Every version of WordPress levels up its own previous version with more advanced features, adding some trending functionality to the website that helps to enhance the customer experience.

WordPress 5.4, the latest version introduced in March 2020, comes with a clean User Interface, new API and smooth navigation, also has increased the typing speed to 51% and loading speed up to 14% faster. This version has also modified some security and privacy rights to shield your personal data from being misused.

Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is the best buddy your website is looking for. WordPress is for anyone and everyone – be it for a blogging platform, a Content Management System, website creation, to create work portfolios, etc. WordPress, having such a significant number of astonishing features and plugins, is exceptionally user friendly. The one with even very basic technical knowledge can also install WordPress and start creating their website or start a blog, without the need of any specialized manual.

This is not all, WordPress has much more than this, leading to its success. Let’s plunge further to check some advantages of WordPress.


WordPress, being open-source software, allows the developers to use, share or modify the code as per their requirement. Unlike some proprietary CMS, WordPress does not restricts you to the specific CMS specialist belonging to a certain company or forces you to opt for a particular plan, rather offers you the flexibility to choose from the numerous options for the developer as well as the plan that fits your budget.

Self Hosted and Scalable

Being a user-oriented platform, WordPress empowers you to control each and every factor related to your website such as web hosting, database, user interface, add-ons, etc. WordPress, itself being a scalable platform offers substantial scalability to its user as well, allowing you to extend your website functionalities as well as scale your database as per the requirement.

Also because of being self-hosted, you can also choose the web host like Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator, etc, according to your feasibility. WordPress offers three hosting plans:

  • WordPress Starter: @ ₹ 199 per month with unlimited websites, 20GB disk space, and weekly automated backups.
  • WordPress Premium: @ ₹ 409 per month with unlimited websites, 40GB disk space, and daily automated backup.
  • WordPress Business: @ ₹ 815 per month with unlimited websites, 80GB disk space, and daily automated backup

Huge Community

Community support holds great importance in the success of the software, working as a support system for both the newcomers and the old ones. WordPress has a backing of a herculean community, who are at your help whenever you are in need of it. The community, in order to enhance your WordPress aptitude, provides you assistance by preparing study materials, organizing webinars, availing online tutorial videos, and courses, etc. You can also drop a query on any online medium like Quora, to get your answer from the experts.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation decides the rank of your website and subsequently the ubiquity of your business. WordPress, with the help of its implicit SEO tools, handles the optimization of your website. WordPress uses .htaccess to create static links like permalink, pinging and blog rolling to track and update you about the actions performed on your website. For more advanced optimization and support, you can use some advanced WordPress tools like Broken Link Checker or also purchase third-party SEO plugins as per your choice.

Easily Manageable

When you run a website, you come across various factors to take care of such as its security, data backup, SEO, presentation and a lot more. With WordPress, you need not check these factors individually, as WordPress plans are structured very sumptuously, including the automated backup, sufficient disk space, unlimited bandwidth, secure hosting, etc. Also, the themes and plugins free you from the hassle of the presentation and performance of your website as well.

A Prodigious Ecosystem of Themes and Plugins

WordPress is known for its ecosystem goldmine, comprising of Themes, Plugins, the contributors as well as the users. WordPress offers nearly 50,000 plugins and around 3,500 themes, including both free and paid ones. The themes liberate you from the pressure of learning HTML/CSS to redesign your website, all you need to do is simply change the theme for the new look of your website.

Once you start with the WordPress, it avails you with some default themes such as Classic, Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, Default, etc, if these themes don’t fit your requirement, you can purchase one from the WordPress Marketplace for a third-party contributor such as Themeforest, accordingly. WordPress Plugins such as Yoast SEO, Image Cropper, Collage Maker, Lastweets, etc, helps you to add new functions to your website and just like themes, you can purchase a third-party plugin as well, according to your needs.


WordPress, being an affordable, flexible, highly functional, scalable and extremely simple platform, is a complete and probably the best solution to begin your online journey with. To continue your sojourn in the market, it is extremely important to be proactive, to which WordPress clearly count on and hence, keeps on evolving as per the emerging needs.

WordPress is the future of CMS and Blogging, so its high time to still be in two minds. Get your website built over WordPress, and experience the higher customer reach and amplify your business. For any further queries and WordPress related assistance, please feel to Get In Touch with us.

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Nirav Oza
Nirav Oza
Nirav is passionate about helping clients in their growth and transformation towards digitization by analyzing their business issues. He believes in devising continuous improvements to increase efficiency, product qualification and decrease aggregate expenses with optimum utilization of technology. He has 17+ years of experience with successful track record in creating business value through innovative yet simplified use of technology in varied industries.