As industries are growing, the demand for software services is rising at a great pace. To cater to these rapid demands, the companies are opting for numerous ways, such as using component libraries, cross-platform development, and the biggest one in the row is outsourcing, to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Outsourcing ends up being amazingly valuable in accelerating the business processes as well as adding more quality to the business at an ease. Outsourcing is not new concept, it has been in practice for quite sometime now, for instance small companies outsource their HR services to Professional Employer Organisations(PEO).

Similarly, you can outsource the services ranging from software development to testing to software support and maintenance, to the dedicated software development teams. Outsourcing frees you from the time taking process of hiring and training the staff and helps you to develop the product on time.

The global IT outsourcing market is expected to grow by $98 billion by 2024.- Fortunly

Outsourcing holds huge importance in the Software industry, covering a major part of the software development process. 80% of the Fortune 500 companies prefer Offshore development teams for their various operations, clearly showing the importance of outsourcing. Though the popularity of Offshore development is rising, accredited to its advantages like speeding up the process, cost-effectiveness, and a lot more, it has to face a lot of negative connotations as well due to the myths taking rounds. The myth creates confusion among the clients, holding them back from hiring dedicated web development teams.

If you have landed here, you are possibly into two minds about hiring the dedicated web development team. The article covers all the possible myths and brings in the real picture to help you make an informed decision for your business.

10 Most Common Myths About Hiring Dedicated Web Development Teams

Myth 1. IT Outsourcing is Meant for Larger Businesses

The most common myth that keeps the companies away from investing in outsourcing is that they associate outsourcing with the size of the company.  Some of the business owners have a belief that outsourcing is meant only for a large business that has a huge revenue, and not for the smaller ones. Hence, they never opt for hiring a dedicated web development team for their projects, compromising with its innovativeness.


The reality is completely different, outsourcing has nothing to do with the size of the company. So, whether you have a small company or large, you can outsource your projects and take benefits from it. Some companies offer services for businesses of all sizes and offer affordable plans to clients.

Myth 2- Agile Development  isn’t possible with Offshore Software Development

Agile development is considered one of the most preferred approaches for software development, leading to better customer satisfaction.  However, in the case of outsourcing, the companies metalize a myth regarding Agile development. It is believed that owing to frequent customization requests and synchronization between the teams, Agile development is not possible in the outsourcing/offshore development process.


Agile development requires coordination with the team members and clients, to deliver a customized product, for which the teams dispersed across different places or different time zones need to collaborate and coordinate. With the advancement of technology, coordination has not remained a hindrance anymore. The facilities like emails, video conferencing, messengers, screen sharing, and remote desktop control,  have diminished the distance in a way that it never existed, empowering the team to collaborate and work efficiently.

Myth 3. Difficult to Maintain the Technological Standard

Every business has a set standard for everything associated with its products be it technology or the methods followed. The companies have multiple doubts like-  Whether the standards are been followed or not?  Are the offshore providers technologically updated?


The foremost thing to understand here is that to stay in the market the offshore team themselves need to be technologically updated.  Hence, they mostly come up with the latest methodology and updated technology. All you need to do is take a thorough analysis of the technology, skill, and expertise of the team before hiring them.

Myth 4. Hiring an Offshore Development Team is an Expensive Process

Businesses always try to find ways to reduce expenses without compromising with the quality, opting for numerous ways for the same. Before investing in something they analyze it thoroughly to safeguard their pockets. One of the most common myths that stop businesses from hiring an offshore development team is its cost. The business owners have a misconception in their mind that they need to pay a really big amount for hiring an offshore development team.


The stats paint a completely contrasting picture in this respect. 59% of businesses prefer outsourcing their business processes, as they find it to reduce their expenses. The only point of concern here is the company that you are hiring. You should be cautious about the authenticity, credibility as well as performance of the company. Try to find a deserving company that keeps up with their commitments and are worth investing upon.

Myth 5. The Time Gap tends to diminish the Productivity

If you are hiring an offshore development team, the time gap is inevitable, requiring you to deal with it. Some companies find it a hindrance in the development process, giving air to the myth that the time gap diminishes the productivity of the development process. Considering their belief they prevent outsourcing their projects.


Though the concern is justified, proper coordination between the teams and the clients can work here. If both companies and the clients share the same time zone, they can collaborate and work together on the projects. However, if they do not have overlapping working hours, the companies can tailor their work shifts according to the client’s preferences, and preserve productivity without any hassle.

Myth 6. Data Security is breached in outsourcing the projects

Data security is a major concern for companies planning to outsource their projects.  In the case of outsourcing companies have a fear of losing their confidential data and intellectual property.  They find it more reliable and convenient to handle the data themselves as compared to the offshore development teams.


The reality is that outsourcing providers respect your concern and understand the value of data security. To preserve data confidentiality, the companies create a secure setup for data storage and handling, preventing unauthorized access and data loss. If you have sensitive data, you can also prepare an agreement for the same and double sure the security of your data.

 Myth 7. With Outsourcing, Quality of the Product is Compromised

The quality of the product is critical to its success. Hence, it is a  crucial point for the companies as well to consider it while hiring the dedicated web development team. There is a myth that generally takes rounds in the market regarding outsourcing is that with outsourcing the companies have to compromise with the quality of the product.


The quality of the deliverables depends upon the credibility of the dedicated web development team. You need to do thorough research about offshore service providers before handing over your project to them.  If you hire a deserving team, the quality of the product is never compromised. An authentic and reputed team always abides by the standard and quality of both the process and product respectively. And with so many advanced communication technologies you can keep a track of your product development process, leaving no air for confusion or compromised quality.

Myth 8. No Support after Product Development

Not only during the development process, but the support after the product development is also equally important. The businesses have a thought process that seeking support from an offshore team is a complicated task, not knowing them in person.


A good web development team always takes charge of their work and makes sure to take care of the complete process. They understand the fact that software always needs to be monitored and updated periodically to operate successfully. Hence, they extend their support to the project even after it is developed as well as test and monitor them continuously.

Myth 9. Outsourcing proves to be Costlier in the Long-Term

Few companies believe that initially, outsourcing seems to be cost-effective but as time goes it becomes costlier. Hiring an offshore development team for the long term is costlier than that to the in house team.


There are various costs associated with employing an in-house team such as their salary, insurance, and training, which is way more than that of hiring a dedicated web development team. In fact, with the offshore team, you are free from providing any sort of employment fee, which thereby reduces the entire cost to a higher extent.

Myth 10. The Mismatch Between the Offshore Development Team and Customer Business Perception

To develop an efficient product that meets with the client’s expectation, the development team and the client must share the same thought process and idea. Any confusion in the understanding can lead to an inappropriate product and hence to the client’s dissatisfaction. And some business owners fear this problem with the dedicated web development team.


Good outsourcing companies always make preparations before heading with the development process, including proper communication, approved requirement documents, as well as training the team member to acclimate to the client’s expectations.  In fact, during the entire development process, the team members are continuously in touch with the clients through meetings and calls, creating a better understanding with them.

Are you ready to hire a dedicated development team for your project?

Well begun is half done!

Hiring a dedicated web development team proves to be the most ideal choice for businesses that desire higher productivity. It empowers you to find out the new talented teams in the industry to work with. Outsourcing is a critical process that has its fair share of exceptional advantages and also a few risks which can be mitigated by hiring a deserving and trustworthy team.

To harness the power of a remote team in your business, choose the right Web development companies that fit your needs and expectations. Start with enlisting your prerequisites and try to discover the vital insights concerning the team you are employing such as the technology and methodology being used, their problem-solving skills, working culture, and market reputation. Once, you have hired a deserving team, you are already halfway to success.

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