A pandemic strike has completely outdated the brick-and-mortar model of business in many sectors. So now, if you have a product or a service to sell it becomes inevitable to build an online presence for your business. Web development embraces the building of the web presence into desirable formats like a website or web app. For this, you need to hire a web developer to get the work done. 

However, many crucial factors need to look upon before you hire any web developer for your website or app development project.

This will guide you to look into the important factors of hiring a web developer.

But first, let us clarify the basic dilemma of whether to hire a web developer or not!

Advantages of Hiring Web Developers

A web developer is a software programmer that specializes in creating any internet-related services. 

Hence, any organization either large or small company, public or private, NGO or any institute, or even a mere start-up needs a web developer to create their online presence.

Along with web development skills, a web developer also gives other benefits to the company.

A professional team of web developers:

  • Increases the performance and speed of your website or web page
  • Create designs that can mark out your business from competitors, creating a brand value
  • Utilizes multiple platforms visibility of your online presence
  • Saves your time and money by providing advanced solutions at reasonable costs 
  • Adapts new technologies to keep your business trending
  • Generates an SEO friendly online presence to keep you on the top searches for your customers
  • Provides efficient and continuous support for your web project

How to Hire Web Developers?


Knowing the countless benefits a web developer can provide to your business, let us directly explore the process of hiring a web developer or a team.

1. Define Your Web Assignment

As the first step, you are required to understand what exactly your project targets to execute. Hence it is of utmost importance to understand the size and goals of your web assignment.

Simple Web Project

This involves constructing a simple website or just adding up some features to the existing one. Various additional features for your existing website include a contact form, a subscription button, a CTA button, a new template design, and others. 

 Here are some simple web project illustrations:

  • One-page layout – small scale business profiles
  • Product landing page – provides details for a specific product on the web page 
  • Generating to-do list – dedicated web page for listing routine tasks 
  • Tribute page – a web page generated to dedicate in honor of someone at times

Medium Web Project

These projects will include a variety of project types. It can be generating static or dynamic web applications, marketplaces, or services that require third-party services like CRM, CMS, databases, APIs, chatbots, and others.

Large-sized Web Project

This is a type of enterprise solution project. It requires an integration of sophisticated technologies as well as cloud host servers that can enable storing the user data. Social media apps that allow video sharing are the best-understood illustration.

As per our experience, customers look for a web developer at the following stages:

  • To generate a web project utilizing scratch
  • To extend an in-house team
  • To use a new technology

This is the stage where you need to decide what specific business challenge you want to address. This is how you will justify your need for a web developer.

2. Recognize the Category of Web Development


Once you decide on the services required for your web project it becomes quite easy to hire a web developer.

Web developers’ classification depends on the type of work that is carried out by them for a specific web project. 

Backend Developers

These are the skilled professionals that take care of the show from behind the stage. They fabricate the core attributes and sections of the program that manages user experience on a digital platform. Some important skills you need to check out include the knowledge of Python, Java, PHP, SQL, HTML, .NET, Node JS, and others.

Frontend Developers

These are the skilled professionals responsible for the design and implementation of the parts of the web app that is seen by users. In other words, they are the design developers handling the appearance of the website. They provide the technical skills of improving website speed, solving technical issues, and integrating third-party services into the site infrastructure. Their knowledge of React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS, HTML5, JavaScript, and others makes them capable of achieving the prescribed functionalities of the website.

Full-stack Developers

These professionals are capable and experienced in both areas of web development. They take care of coding as well as designing a web page or application. Such specialists gain popularity among the companies that have just entered the market as such start-ups have very limited resources. The per-hour charges to hire a full-stack developer will be high. Although it turns out to be cheaper, on the whole, to work with such a specialist.

3. Find Needed Professionals

Hiring a web developer is choosing a partner for your web project. A web developer will be responsible for ongoing functionality as well as making rightful up-gradation for the web project for several years. These professionals work on the web project as per the technical requirement and availability. Thus, sub-divided into Freelancer, In-house, and Out-source.

Freelance Developers

These are skilled developers that are not associated with any company. They will not require any office set-up to work and that can be the only advantage of having them. Although, while working with complex web applications, it is not desired to go for a freelancer.

In-house Development Team

If you want to deal with a project that will require the availability of a web developer throughout the year, it is desirable to hire a team of professionals. These individuals can be dedicated to the company with a specific web project. As an advantage, you can have better control and coordination as the communication becomes transparent. Whereas, the skills and expertise become narrow including high maintenance and management costs.

Outsourcing Web Developers

This turned out to be the best option to work with large web projects. As per Technavio’s forecast, in 2024, the world as a whole will spend more than $486bn on outsourcing web development. An in-house CTO or PM can get the assignment done from the service provider. Here, one can be associated with a service located at any place. For instance, a US-based company can easily avail of services from other countries like India. This out-source development will work as an extended team for your web project. You can utilize the skills and technologies according to the requirements of your web project.

How much does it cost to hire web developers?

A web developer is paid $48,000 to $73,253 as an annual average salary.

On average, to maintain the salary of an in-house development team, you as a company will need to spend around $500,000 per year. This amount will only include the salary excluding the other management expenditure.

Moreover, you can see the hourly charges of developers in various regions/countries as below:

Country Approx Pricing
Eastern Europe $30-$80
Western Europe $60-$120
North America $50-$130
India $15-$80

In Eastern Europe, the cost of hiring a professional web developer ranges from $30-$80 per hour. However, in Western Europe, it ranges from $60 to $120, and in North America, it ranges from $50 to $130. Whereas in India the cost of hiring web developers ranges from $15-$80 per hour. 

For in-house developers, you need to pay a monthly salary and provide them with training and other onboarding costs. In contrast, you only pay for productive hours when you outsource. 

Hiring in-house seems to be expensive and time-consuming. However, completing the task yourself comes with a lot of overhead expenditures like

  • Expenses such as a larger office space
  • Training new employees for a single task
  • Long recruitment process
  • Lack of expertise in different areas

That’s why outsourcing or teaming up with remote teams brings the desirable output with minimum budgets without spending much on resources and guiding them to create a compelling project. Outsourcing great resources to build your web projects is one of the best options available today, so if you want to hire skillful web developers for your project, hire them now!

4. Check the developer’s skills

Skills of a developer

After analyzing the customer needs for a particular web project, it also becomes important to analyze any developer with the ability to work professionally. The important points that help to analyze the developers’ skills can be interpersonal skills, technical skills, and the recommendations provided by the previous clients.

Interpersonal Skills 

Effective communication is a vital skill for a web developer. The person should be able to communicate the needs and ideas. This can be observed by persons’ ability to listen carefully and speak out their thoughts.

Teamwork becomes crucial if you are handling a large project. This does not mean that an individual should always be dependent on a team. The developer should be able to communicate a different perspective with a positive quotient.

Patience is another right ingredient required from a web developer. There come times when the code does not work. The frustrated employee will only drag a negative impact on the clients or the colleagues.

Problem-solving will go hand in hand with patience. The capability to view any problem objectively will fetch a good solution it.

Creativity will become the cherry on the cake for a web developer. Any designer can come up with designs but bringing things out of the box will give an innovative approach to the solutions.

Technical Skills 

After all, you need a web developer to perform some technical stuff.  A web developer you hire should have some required technical skills that can make it easier for the project to build up and run smoothly. Here we have listed down some basic technical understanding required for a web developer.

HTML is the basic and commonly used markup language globally. It is generally used to build web pages.

CSS can be utilized for making your web page look good. The tool can help to implement different colors, fonts, and layouts in the design of a website.

JavaScript knowledge can meet the higher expectations of a client. Expertise in this skill can help you to create a highly interactive website. This programming language can focus more on user experience.

Experience with web development frameworks and libraries that includes React, Angular, Vue.JS, etc. is a must to consider while opting for a suitable developer’s team for your web development project. Also, you need to check whether the developers have expertise with specialized web development toolkits i.e., Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.

However, you need to check whether the developers are proficient with the latest and trending programming languages such as Java, PHP, .Net, Python, Laravel, and Ruby on Rails among many others. Finally, you need to examine whether the developers have prior experience in working with databases like Oracle, MySQL, MSQL, MongoDB, etc.

Moreover, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills are now a requirement that every client prefers. A website with good SEO will rank higher in the search results and hence help you reach a larger audience.

Along with these, QA/Testing and debugging skills with other analytical skills make it easier to work on a project at the desired pace.

Client Recommendations 

Client feedback is the most important part of any business because it is the clients that keep the good position of your business in the market. The previous clients are the best ones to tell you about their experience with the web developer.

For instance, if you find a service provider or a web developer suited for your project, you should first ask for client references that have already undertaken a similar type of service. This will help you to analyze the individual before hiring for your project.

5. Select an Engagement Model

Once you are done scrutinizing the individual requirement for your web project, it is important to select a particular working model to keep an engagement with. The selection of a particular engagement model will depend on the range and complexity of your web project.  Some of the generally used working models are mentioned here.

Project-based Model

Project-based model is quite popular among well-established businesses that are working on small web development projects. Also, it is more famous for start-ups.

One other name for this engagement model comes up as fixed-bid as this model features predefined requirements, fixed time frames, and a fixed budget.

Dedicated Team Model

This is exactly as it sounds! When you plan to outsource a team for your web project you ideally are going for a dedicated team-based working model.

Hiring a dedicated team for your web project will save you from the time-consuming and often long and boring work of recruiting a team yourself in-house. In case you find the wrong person, then you have to repeat the cycle.

Extended Team Model

You can choose this model if you are already equipped with in-house developers but require extended staff to work at your desired pace.

In general, the extended team model is preferred by businesses when they face any specific technical requirement.

6. Choose a Payment Model

Fixed price payment

The fixed price model goes well with small web projects. These are the types of projects where they are clear with the scope of work and have a specific time frame.

While working with this model, you freeze the pricing amounts, way before starting the development.

This requires precise documentation of requirements and detailed scope of the project. Along with this, it will need to set up a strict timetable with well-defined milestones.

Time and Material

If you want to work with much greater flexibility then the Time & Material model of payment works the best. It happens at times when you are not crystal clear with the project. The dynamic market changes will also affect and will mandate you to evolve with the technology used. This T&M model will fit well here.

Although this model will require a greater engagement on the part of the client because the changes to be made will be discussed at that time itself.

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