Considered as an Official Language for some of the dominant websites such as Google, Youtube, Instagram, Dropbox and Spotify, Python has managed to mark its presence in the technological world. In fact, according to Forbes, Python is the top-ranked and most demanded programming language. This has become possible because of its exceptionally easy syntax, higher compatibility, standard functional libraries as well as its performance in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It supports both types of programming paradigms that are Object-Oriented and Functional Programming, which makes it even a better choice. This is the reason why so many companies have opted for Python and are developing their projects in that.

5 Renowned Applications of Python

With 100+ versions i.e. from Python1.0 in the year 1994 to Python 3.6.10 in December 2019, Python has made a long journey. And during this journey, it became the first choice of many of the market-leading companies for various software-based services ranging from source code to the maintenance. Some of the best applications of Python, that  are actually mammoth in their respective field are discussed below:


Who does not use Google today?  Google is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and the statistics of Internet Live Stats prove it as well. According to this website, Google serves around 3.5 billion searches/day and 1.2 trillion searches/year across the world, which is a huge number. Google has achieved this place because of its user-friendly behavior and smooth functionality as Google knows its user and assists them accordingly. But the question is how Google actually does this?.  Well,  the actor behind this success is Python. If my words don’t convince you then hear it from Peter Norvig, Search Quality Director at Google, he says that “Python has been a significant part of Google since the start and remains so as the system develops and advances”, which clearly hints towards the role of Python in Google.


Dropping the television viewing time from 75 hrs/month to 64 hrs/month, Youtube has become the second most demanded search engine in the world. Youtube, a highly sought-after video streaming website, was created by the 3 Paypal employees and later bought by Google. With the change of the owner, the technology used in it also changed that is from PHP to Python, which definitely resulted in a better experience for the programmers as well as the users.  Implementation of Python actually brought noticeable changes in the website such as a better user interface and an amazing recommender system due to which it no more seems like a foreign object in the user’s eye rather they feel homely. Not only this but its speed also never fails to astound the developers, as with Python, the development becomes really easier and faster which results in on-time delivery of services. In this context, Cuong Do (Software Architect of Youtube) stated that  “Python is quick enough for the website and permits them to deliver maintainable services and features on time.” Now you know the reason behind the uninterrupted and excellent Youtube services, of course, which is Python.


Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a  perfect blend of Instant Photography and Telegram, which has now reached a major population with 1 billion monthly active users as reported by Statista. Instagram is one of the colossal Python users which has been following the language religiously. Recently it has also shifted to the latest version of the Python that is Python 3. Also, these facts and numbers have answered the questions which were aroused on the scalability factor of Python as Python has successfully addressed the scalability needs of Instagram which is growing every day. According to Hui Ding, an engineer at Instagram, “the Python language goes very well with the Instagram Engineers’ Motto that is “Do the Simple Things First.” Well, what else we need as a programmer if we have a solution with so many features yet simple to use.


Python has actually covered all the dimensions like Software Development, Education, Business, Entertainment, etc. After Youtube for video streaming and Instagram for Image posting, even audio streaming has not remained untouched by Python. Spotify is an example of this, which is a musical application which allows you to listen, download as well as share your song list. As per the Spotify Labs, Python is one of the most preferred programming languages for its application along with C++ and Java. They use Python mainly for the data analysis as well as for the ZeroMQ. In fact, 80 percent of the coding of these services is done in Python. And if you are a user of Spotify, you eventually know how commendable the performance is.


This is a revolutionary idea that came in the mind of an MIT student, to address the most common problem that is “Keep forgetting things”, and in his case, it was a Flashdrive, due to which he could not access the files when required. Hence Dropbox was created, which not only addressed the data/ file availability issue but also proved as a savior for today’s data-driven world. And the catch here is that Dropbox caters all these services, by running Python under the hood. Python is the majorly used language in it which addresses both the back-end services as well as the client-side services. According to Guido Van Rossum, “Dropbox has approximately 4 million lines of code in Python and it is the most eminently used language”. The popularity of this app clearly shows how wonderful this combination is.


Now, you know that Python is omnipresent and on the basis of our own experience as well as from the success stories of these pioneers, it has become really easier for us and for you too,  to conclude that Python is the future of the software industry. So, with the emerging need of Python in the market, you either need to upskill or simply reach the specialized place to build your Python-based project.

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