Underwrap, unseen, and sometimes even underrated- Yes, that’s how Back-Office is considered sometimes. Being at the back and invisible to the customer, Back-office is sometimes underestimated. Whereas in reality, the picture is a bit different ,  the Back-Office is the driving room of a company, which controls and handles the background task of several departments and along with that they also equip the front end employees to perform their work smoothly. The operation catered by the Back-Office employees can be categorized on the basis of the departments within the company such as Inventory Management, Human Resource, Finance and Accounts, Database Management, Remote Team Coordination.

Over time, the Back-Office operations have evolved and new practices have been discovered for efficient Back-Office handling such as Back-Office Automation which is the need of the hour. As you know the social and innovative changes are reshaping the business scenario and new participants are making the challenge even more stiff, so it’s extremely essential that the companies must grasp the practices that improve the turnaround time and upgrade administration levels so that it can match the pace in the race of the rapidly developing market. And if this seems daunting, you even have the facility to outsource the Back-Office operations of your company as there are many companies that facilitate Back-Office outsourcing services.However, even if you outsource it, you should be acquainted with the various operations and innovation in the Back end sector.

Innovations and Revolutions in Back-Office Operations

Traditionally, employees used to handle all the Back-Office work manually, resulting in higher operating costs and time, which was a major point of concern. However, later Artificial Intelligence-based tools such as RPA(Robotics Process Automation) addressed this problem in the face of Back-Office Automation which not only has brought a revolution in the Back-Office operation practices but also showed remarkable progress in this field. 

Back-Office process automation doesn’t mean replacing the human with bots rather it simply means collaborating with the relevant software at the back end along with the Back-Office personnel in order to improve the efficiency of the work, the performance of the company, better customer dealings as well as ensure the recurring revenue. As per the report called Future Workforce Survey – Banking: Realizing the Full Value of AI states that:

The collaboration between humans and AI will boost revenue by 34% by the year 2022.  There are several tools that facilitate Back-Office Automation, let’s discuss the Back-Office dimensions where these can be implemented.

  • Inventory Management:

    Back-Office employees are responsible to track the procurement and take a suitable decision regarding the item whether it should be shelved or removed, on the basis of the inventory flow. Now the robots do this for you by generating an alert if the number of units in the inventory falls below the minimum limit, according to which you can refill the stock or take other suitable action. Some of the tools are:

  • Finance and Accounting:

    The finance and accounting department of the company deals with invoicing, financial reports, salary records, and cash flow within the company. Automating finance and accounting prevents the occurrence of errors, chances of fraudulent and saves the times. There are tools that can help you which s are:

  • Customer Service:

    A customer is one of the most valuable assets for a company.  To preserve this treasure the companies opt for the best practices and tools, in order to meet customer expectations as well as boost profits. Hence, to grease the wheels, you can use the CRM software available in the market or else you can outsource this as well to the companies which deal with it. Some of the best automation tools are:

  • Database Management and Record Upkeep:

    Database management is a very crucial task for a company and becomes even more critical when data comes from numerous sources. So, in order to prevent data loss and redundancy, preserve confidentiality as well as maintain data availability, some automation tools come to the rescue, which not only proves to be a helping hand for the company but also improves the performance. Listing here some of the top-rated tools :

  • Remote Team Operation:

    Remote team operation has not only become a need but also a door towards new opportunities. Hence, the proper management of the remote team is very important in order to connect and coordinate with them for better performance and output. If you are giving a thought to remotely operate your team and work or if you are already in it and searching for a  management solution, check out these tools :

  • Hybrid Operations

    With the development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, RPA tools are evolving and grabbing a lot of attention. There are some RPA tools that are multitasking i.e. the one that performs more than one of the operations that are mentioned above and even more. The cherry on the cake is that this software is AI-based and hence does not limit the specific strata of users be it technical or non-technical, which is making it even handier and easy to use. Forrester predicts that the RPA software market will grow to  $2.9 billion by 2021.  Check out the latest tools below:


Organizations need to realize which tools and services can assist them with prevailing market demand. Though it’s a bit complicated to choose the best among the numerous options, our Ace team is here to solve this jigsaw puzzle for you and provide you with the best solutions. Just to begin with, you can go through this article, which will guide you through all the backend dimensions and their respective software solutions and tools.

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