Automated Print Newsletter Production Workflow Solution

Reduces Production time by 65%

Reduces Production
time by 65%

12-Page Newsletter in 24 hours

12-Page Newsletter
in 24 hours

Dramatic cost reduction by 3x times

Dramatic cost reduction
by 3x times

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The NMS Overview

The NMS OverviewPlanning content, designing pages, and newsletter printing can become a daunting task. But it is actually a simple job! You can create a newsletter easily provided you have the right set of tools.

Our Automated Newsletter Management Software (NMS) can help streamline the process so you can create your newsletter in no time.

The NMS system allows producing newsletter without using complex and costly software like InDesign. When a proprietary tool and a resource with a basic skillset put together, NMS can help you save up to $100K annually.

The NMS system is capable to connect with different type of systems to get stories/article content in the format of RSS, XML, JSON or RESTful API or any custom source.

Its ease of use, flexibility and quick turnaround time, we have crafted a seamless newsletter production workflow system guides you step-wise in a lucid way to structure the newsletter layout in agile production pace.

Powerful Features

Real-Time Workflow & Monitoring - useful for Offshore Production

Custom features & buttons in software aides in ease of newsletter design

Cloud Access to Editors & Producer

Capacity to manage multiple publications

User-Friendly HTML layout and Editing Tool, Advanced Editing

Reusable widgets – Ads, Content Blocks, etc

Editors can review, comment and provide feedback

Log iterations manager

Production Schedule Calendar

Easy to handle a variety of publications

Ability to continue Story to next page/any other page

Complete control on formatting using special tools such as:

Letter Spacing

Letter Spacing

Word Spacing

Word Spacing

Block Quote

Block Quote

Pull Quote

Pull Quote

Vertical Spacing

Vertical Spacing

Horizontal Spacing

Horizontal Spacing

Page Break

Page Break

Customize Story End Icon/Marker

Customize Story
End Icon/Marker

Mast Head formatting

Mast Head

Mast Head formatting

Block Story formatting


Control on Data
No impact of
Staff turnaround
of production
User-Friendly - no knowledge
of HTML/DTP required
View Live Preview
as you create newsletter



Editorial Team

  • Inserts content in system
  • Requests Newsletter


  • Administers newsletter
  • Select publication
  • Select stories
  • Provide instructions


  • Follow instructions
  • Create 1st page (HTML Layout)
  • Create Subpage (HTML Layout)
  • Insert publication info & ads
  • Ready to publish

Producer submit revised newsletter pdf

  • Supervisor sends for printing once approved

Producer works on Feedback

  • Logs are maintained for each round of feedback iteration

Submit pdf to Supervisor

  • Supervisor give feedback, reviews with comments and improvements

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