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Workflow, Workorder and Internal Communications Platform for award winning advertising agency in Hollywood, USA

Workflow Platform for an Ad Agency in Hollywood

About the Project


The client is an award-winning advertising agency specializing in print, a/v, motion, and interactive campaigns for the entertainment industry (Hollywood). The client is having a business to create movie posters, videos, AVs, motion pictures, print materials and all. The client employs 70+ Full-time employees, plus a handful of team members who work remote (from various locations in the US) and additionally there are freelancers and Vendors/Contractors. All this comprises a full team that requires an online, real-time and role-based system to manage customer account information, contacts, work orders, contracts, employee timesheet and many other HR information required to be referred by the entire team. This application is built for internal purpose that gives a consolidated view of the business.

Here, users will have the privilege to add different jobs & their work order. Besides, that user can also send POR to the client as well as accounts both. In order to ensure world-class services to their customers, they need exhaustive and drill-down reporting. This system provides various reports such as profitability, margin, hours spent on the work, the amount earned or spent, etc. It also gives a clear picture for actual vs proposed business, monthly & yearly quota, monthly and LY, TY comparisons charts.

Tech Stack


Tech Architecture

Tech Architecture

Customer Pain Points & Requirements:

  • The client had internal work order & customer information system which was developed 15 years back and now turned out to be a legacy application with a lot of hurdles and issues when it came to enhancing the features. The technology used almost outdated now - Flex, made a compelling business case because the inability to enhance this system resulted in data being scattered, a lot of collaboration done manually in spreadsheets and email and disparate systems used for different purposes. The specific pain-points of datapoint and tools are as below:
    • The client has to do a manual entry for each transaction in the QuickBooks which was so tiring and difficult task.
    • Used several third-party solutions such as Namely, Slack, Trello, Quickbooks and was not integrated.
    • Insightly being used to store clients & their organization details. If any contacts (Client) move from one organization to another organization, this information is not updated in the existing system.
    • The system calculated the project expenses by the user/employee salary and spent hours. So when employee salary increases, it was showing the wrong data.
    • The submission of work Order had to be done manually in QuickBooks desktop version
    • The customer requires a custom report for comparison with his 3 teams as well as comparison with the previous year and targets. Such visual reports are not available in any tool.

Solution Points of this project:

  • Here, we have a highly qualified and certified resource who took up the task to enhance the system according to the client’s needs and delivered it successfully.
  • To integrate all the third-party applications, our team made detailed research for all of them and developed as well as integrated all the third-party applications with the pipeline system.
  • To avoid the frustrating and difficult manual entry task, the team integrated accounting software QuickBooks by getting in-depth knowledge and made all the entry on auto mode.
  • A lot of brainstorming was done and our technical expertise was applied to generate very complex dashboard & performance reports with several dimensions of business. And despite the volume of data, we ensure the generation of the report in 1-2 seconds.
  • Insightly is not providing push notifications for updates, we found a technical workaround by developing some cron jobs. Thus system gets updated every 5 minutes. There are some other challenges in the API and nonavailability of services with respect to the custom field, this was technically resolved by us with some workarounds.
  • Some additional logic for tracking of customer contacts was applied in the new system, that way we provide movement (job change) of customer contacts, this information is valuable to monitor.
  • The system is integrated to receive all users/employees and their current salary details from Namely. We developed important features like salary update in the system, the same day/month it is done in Namely.
  • We used Quickbook Connector to sync data between the systems.


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Project Implementation/The Journey:

  • Requirement Analysis: Team of Business Analyst were deployed for this phase. It started with an onsite visit and carrying out some detailed activities like an interview of stakeholders to know the objectives of the new system, a detailed walkthrough of the existing system, knowing the limitations of the current process, overall business objectives and vision of the customer in the coming years. This enabled us to make sure that specifications are prepared exactly as per client expectations. The scope & specifications were documented and we created Mockup Screens to precisely demonstrate the new application features and flow. Accordingly, Milestones, timeline, and a project plan were submitted to the customer.
  • Development: The technical team was deployed, the project was executed on Scrum Methodology, created 2 weeks sprint and progress was demonstrated from time to time. With good user experience and a better communicative interface as well as up to date with market trends and tech-savvy team developed a web portal and complete system with utmost client satisfaction.
  • Data Migration: Since the new system was developed using additional fields and data point, migration of data was a very critical activity. All the data of the last 15 years were imported with proper due diligence, once the full development was completed and approved by the customer.
  • Quality Analysis and Deployment: To provide the bug-free system is the topmost priority of our organization. To achieve that goal, we perform periodic testing regime on the system. After having a bug free system, we deployed it to the client’s server and made it live.
  • Software Maintenance: Once the project was live, customers preferred to continue with the support & maintenance of the system, along with some minor enhancements that were required. A contract was signed from both parties to keep the portal live with 99.5% uptime.

Project Details

Workflow Platform for an Ad Agency in Hollywood
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