Countdown to the 19th Annual Day Celebration – 17th February 2018.
Fun, bonding, reflection, celebration of achievements and success!


About Us

ACE is ‘go-to’ Technology Partner for Product Companies, Software agencies, WebPreneurs and End clients – Startups or otherwise.

History – Our journey started in 1997 when the world-wide-web was still in its infancy. The entrepreneurial spirit and the far-sighted approach of our leaders cemented our legacy as a leading industry player across demographics.

Our Executive team operates as a well-oiled machine ensuring best efficiency and results for both internal and external clients, thus attaining growth hacking. They keep themselves updated on new technologies, trends and best practices for the best interest of customers.

The Front Line Team comprises of smart and cognitive individuals, they are designers, programmers, coders, writers, analysts, photographers, authors, volunteers, musicians, hikers, travelers, parents, cricketers and overall extremely passionate hard workers. They will go the extra mile to surpass the expectations of the Contracts and SLAs.

Work Culture

We strive to keep our human capital engaged, promote joyful work environment and ensure continual learning.

Our HR practice and 360-degree engagement program encompasses four key areas:


We never miss a chance to come together and celebrate:

    1. We celebrate Indian/ Global Events & Festivals.
    2. We organize activities like Team Lunch, Outings, Games, Creative Competitions.
    3. We play challenging indoor-games.
    4. Our activities encourage team work and discover dormant leadership.

Every quarter a winning team receives “gala” prize, Hurray!


Our business growth inevitably gives opportunities to learn. We organize :

    1. Training Program (Internal Coach).
    2. External Courses.
    3. LLM (Learn- Leverage- Master) to fast-track learning.

And our team also “unlearns”, be it soft skill, technology, position or role!


We aim for continuous progression.

    1. We align individual, role and skills, so they earn recognition.
    2. We ensure performance appraisal process is employee friendly.
    3. We make conscious efforts so team earns a stress free environment.

And our team also earns special awards/bonus for their outstanding performances.


We take responsibility of individual growth.

    1. We chart Career Growth for each ‘achiever’.
    2. We coach life skills to navigate better in personal life.
    3. We contribute back to society, each individual participates in CSR.

So our team excels in their entire eco-system.

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Nirav Oza
Vice President – Key Projects and Accounts

Norav Oza

Naresh Bhatti
Lead Email Marketing

Chirag Bhandari
SEO Executive

Umeshlal Solanki
Business Development Executive

Sunil Joshi
Business Development Executive

Ravi Vekariya
SEO Executive

Bhoomik Pandya
SEO Executive

Hitashi Upadhyay
Business Development Executive

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