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A browser-based SaaS platform that helps employers build, access and update a fully customized employee handbook.

Web-Based SaaS Platform to Helps employee

About the Project


A browser-based SaaS platform that helps employers build, access and update a fully customized employee handbook with real-time updated human resource laws. This subscription-based software allows companies to select & define standards for workplace conduct and describes employee benefits, company policies, and state and federal laws. Using Employee Handbook Builder, a fully customized employee handbook can be produced in a few hours something that would typically require several weeks of valuable company time and access to the legal regulations and announcements.

Tech Stack

Visual Studio 2012
Android Studio
SQL Server
N Tier
3rd party API integration


  • Includes intuitive processes, customization options, and guidance during the entire handbook build process.
  • Increase in subscription base by 27%
  • Easy customization and accessibility
  • Real-time policy updates
  • Save on printing costs with online access for employees - each employee will receive a custom link and login to access their handbook.
  • Automated custom email alerts to subscribers about policy changes
  • No software download required—Access from any browser, anywhere.
  • Saves 80% of the subscriber’s time spent annually on building and updating employee handbooks

3 Generation of Product Engineering:

  • First Version: Being built in Java, it had limited Policy Update options, Limited Customization Options, Technology Limitation that could not scale the product.
  • Second Version: Entire product redeveloped, enhanced with major UI/UX Enhancements, Improved Policy Update, Customization Comparison Options. It brought new large customers.
  • Third Version: Major Workflow Enhancement, Improved UX, Reduced Handbook Creation time by 50%. It brought more corporate accounts.


  • System allows Subscription for Individual Users, Corporate Accounts and Enterprise Accounts.
  • Allows Admin to add new policies as per state & federal laws update from time to time.
  • Customize GUI like logo image, page title, Subscription message, etc.for Corporate & Enterprise Accounts.
  • A unique way of creating handbook - System presents interview questions and HR user will select appropriate answers to create a handbook for one state or multiple state or all State across the US.
  • System allows customizing of policies as per customer company preferences.
  • The final output of Handbook is available in HTML, PDFthat can be printed as well and finally electronic link that can be shared with all company employees.

Timeline for this Project

7-8 Months

Team allocation for this Project

  • 2-4 Developers
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager

Project Details

Employee Handbook Builder
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