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Implementation of Facial Recognition Security System for Insurance Mobile Application

Implementation of Mobile App Facial Recognition

About the Customer & Project:


The client has an existing mobile application for its customers and Agents, in which they want to implement Face Recognition module as an alternative to the current Username and Password for authentication and ease of use. The Face Recognition module will enable users to authorize with real-time face recognition and its anti spoofing mechanism ensures that only real human face is used and no video or image can unlock the application. This will set the high standards for the security of the application and will prevent data theft, misuse of data, etc.

Tech Stack

SDK’s for Android
SDK’s for IOS


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  • In the age of cyber-attacks and online fraud, face recognition to come to rescue such situations. The measures taken in the implementation makes the system full proof and facial recognition provides tighter security for the application.
  • With facial recognition as a login process, the pain of manual tracking will be removed and the system will work as an automated system.
  • Orientation variant is available for the application i.e. portrait mode and landscape mode
  • One of the advantages is the face recognition works on offline mode as well using vectors stored in a local device and will be in sync once the internet will be connected.
  • This implementation of face recognition can be treated as Machine learning as well as artificial intelligence and hence provides the customer a position of technology leadership and a very good competitive edge against the major competitors.

Timeline for this Project

3 Months

Team allocation for this Project

  • 1 Project Manager/Business Analyst
  • 1 Tensorflow Developer
  • 1 IOS Developer
  • 1 Android Developer
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
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