Drupal: The Ideal Enterprise CMS Candidate?

With the introduction of the lightweight Drupal 8 (What about Drupal 7?), the CMS market is abuzz about its growing popularity and the increased competition it poses to the proprietary enterprise platforms. The new version introduces the improved level of documentation and a more diligent application environment to suit evolving business needs.

World over Drupal has left a positive impression and is a trusted CMS for Government offices, Universities and leading organizations from around the world.The list of heavy weight customers include Government of Bermuda, University of Colorado, Pfizer,Al Jazeera, Cisco, Puma, NBA to name a few.

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Gaurav Khungar
Gaurav Khungar
Gaurav is an experienced CSM with a proven track record of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in doing Research, Management, Unified Communications, Account Management, and Sales. Gaurav has an extensive experience in helping large scale enterprises address their business challenges and has worked closely with Manufacturing, Publishing and Retail businesses. Gaurav has a strong business development background and has a MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree with a specialization in Marketing.