Virtual Captives / Staff Leasing

Virtual Captives

Virtual captive is an outsourcing B2B delivery model that combines the advantages of captive and offshore outsourcing.

A captive is a completely owned and recognized as an expansion of the parent firm in a new geography. In this structure, the parent company keeps holds of highest control. Though, setting up a captive center requires a much time, needs big finances and enduring dedication. Thus involving high risks.

In the third party outsourcing model, a business bonds an outside party to maintain a complete business development uninterrupted. In this model, the execution accountability and most of the delivery liability is encouraged to a third party provider. Yet, this naturally comes at higher expenditure and loss of operational control.

ACE Infoway has come up with a hybrid model known as Virtual Captives which has been created to compliment the strengths of both captive and offshore outsourcing. In the virtual captive model, your company will influence the resources and local presence of ACE Infoway to establish a custom-built offshore operation in India.

ACE will provide all the essential workforce, assets, and support services in the same way that an offshore outsourcing provider would. The huge difference lies in the operational control which will be 100% in your own hands. You will be free to speak exactly how the offshore operation is managed, how the workflow processes are executed, which IT assets and tools are used and who will manage your day-to-day operations.

The key benefits that come with this model are

  • Lower Costs
  • Lower Risk
  • Managerially and service level driven your business
  • Quicker Time to Market

Staff Leasing

The majority of the companies use a number of staffing solutions to get the capacity they desire. They employ their own employees under a full-time or part-time agreement and they use staffing agencies to provide temporary staff or they hire consultants to achieve certain strategies and tasks implementation. There is one model that is often ignored and that is offshore staff leasing or offshore staffing.

Staff Leasing at ACE enables you to institute your own team in India consisting of employees who will work for you solely and full-time from our offices in India. Your virtual staffs are all legally employed, supported and administered by Ace Infoway. You can decide what their day-to-day activities will look like. By staffing offshore instead of domestically, you will save around 60%-70% on direct personnel costs and you will also be saving money ultimately as you do not have to be anxious about providing your offshore staff with office space, workstations, connectivity, and other facilities.

The benefits that you get through this model are

  • LCost-effective proficient technical support to your firm.
  • You don’t require office, workstations and facilities physically.
  • Works most excellent for medium-sized firms

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