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About Employee Handbook Builder


EHB is a SaaS-based web platform to create easy-to-use employee handbooks. You can build, access, and manage state-specific handbooks online from any browser and they can be easily accessed by employees at any time with real-time updates.

Employee Handbook Builder protects the organization from legal liability and potential lawsuits. EHB policies are prepared with the leading American law firm, Jackson Lewis

About eCentra-Docs


EHB specifically needed a web-based platform that is secure, seamless, and efficient throughout the organization. The platform can create, access, and manage the state-wise employee handbooks for their employees. The organization shall be able to purchase the state-wise subscription and able to publish the book accordingly.


Ace Infoway developed a web-based Employee Handbook Builder platform needed by the organizers to create, customize, and manage the handbook for their employees.

Features of Employee Handbook Builder



  • Complete details of the handbook and active state-wise subscriptions.
  • Log-in activity and history of handbook update

Build Handbook

  • Questionnaire
  • Using questionnaires organizations can customize the handbook as per company branding and define rules/regulations as per the company’s policy.

  • Policies
  • Organization can select, edit, and manage policy from pre-listed policies to add to the employee handbook.

    Organization can add a new custom policy, new section, and rearrange the sequence of handbook policies.

  • Handbook Output
  • Organizations can decide the output of the handbook to be published for all states or an individual state

    Organizations can create state groups and publish handbooks as per the state groups.

  • Preview and Publish
  • Once custom policy, state-level legal policy and output are defined organization can preview and publish the handbook in HTML or printable format

About eCentra-Docs

Review Handbook Policies

  • Organizations can view, check, and modify the available policies in the handbook and publish them again.

Employee Access

  • Organizations can add and manage the credentials for the employee to access the handbooks.

Policy Updates

  • Organizations can see the new legal policy change and can update all policies together.
About eCentra-Docs

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Business Impact

Employee Handbook Builder (EHB) is now the best- and most well-known handbook builder. Lots of organizations are using Employee Handbook Builder for their employees and protecting the company from legal liabilities and potential lawsuits by complying with state legal policies. Organizations are saving thousands of dollars and valuable time using Employee Handbook Builder (EHB).

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