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About eCentra-Docs


eCentra-Docs is a content management SaaS platform. eCentra-Docs provide a platform to securely manage, store, access, and share your digital content/file on the cloud. Through eCentra-Docs, Customers can create a white label custom secure platform to store and manage files in their user group.

eCentra-Docs can be accessed through a web platform and mobile application. Customers can create and manage the users & user group as per the permission granted to access the document. Customers can also track the complete log of transactions done around files and folders.

About eCentra-Docs


eCentra-Docs needed a SaaS platform that is highly secure, seamless, feature-rich, and easy to use. The platform should allow users to do enable branding and customize it as per the need. Users shall be able to manage, access, and share content from anywhere securely.


Ace Infoway has provided a bank-graded secure and robust platform that helps users to manage the content/document files on the cloud. We analyzed the competitive industry and provided the best solution that makes eCentra-Docs stand out in the market.

Features of eCentra-Docs


Online Document Storage

  • Store, share, access, and secure document from anywhere. Share with any user without any restrictions securely.

Document Access

  • Easy and quick access to your document with a smart search function.
  • Set reminders, add comments, download, lock/unlock, and delete files.

Customize Folder Template

  • Create and customize folder template as per the required workflow.

Online File Preview

  • Users can get a detailed view of the document online.


  • All data are secured with 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption and bank graded security.
  • Protect documents through password while sharing with third party users.
About eCentra-Docs

Multi-user and User Group Control

  • Set up and manage your document control protocol that allows safe and easy access to your team.
  • Define custom level access rights & privileges for individuals and groups.

Client Management

  • Create & manage your clients and let them collaborate securely on documents.

Subscription Plans and Payment Collection

  • Users can purchase and manage the subscription as per the required storage.

Custom Domain and Branding

  • Customize your brand with a subdomain URL.
  • Personalized platform with your logo and branding.
  • Customized creative email template for your end customer.
About eCentra-Docs

Email Alert

  • Create and receive an email alert for every transaction that happens in the system.


  • Users can create and manage the ticket in case of any issue & support.

Reminder and Calendar

  • Intelligent reminder feature to align users with activity reminders.


  • E-sign functionalities allow users to enable their clients to streamline workflow.

Version History and Logs

  • Save historical logs for all users accessing files and folders.
About eCentra-Docs

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Business Impact

eCentra-Docs is now a powerful and secure SaaS-based content management platform.

eCentra-Docs is attracting a larger number of audiences for its content management services.

eCentra-Docs is established as a highly secure and trustworthy content management system in the market.



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