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Third Party Quality Assurance for Enterprise CMS Site development projects

Structured, Designed & Developed CMS Website

About Client


A Digital Communication Partner with captive operations in UK and India which serves some of the world’s most successful and ambitious Investor Relations companies. They help elevate companies brands for Investors and expand their reach worldwide with their expertise in strategic planning, creative content, web design & development, marketing, SEO.


Structured, designed and developed Corporate and Enterprise CMS websites for more than 2,000 of the world’s leading companies in Drupal and SiteCore.


Resource crunch in QA department due to temporary peak of the business. QA team scale up was not an option considering short term peak and tight deadline of projects.

Our Contribution

  • With in-house QA team and off-shore QA team working for client from different Geo locations, proper planning, allocations and multi-level communication was the key. Skype calls, JIRA, email communications were used at different levels to streamline the quality assurance process and output.
  • Unit testing was performed during development phase by software developers.
  • However all the deployed Quality analysts performed following testing, that was crucial to ensure quality of sites, responsiveness, content and flow:
    • Component/Element testing - each and every component or element to be used in projects were tested individually before any integration on the project.
    • Module testing - every module was tested individually along with components added to module.
    • Template testing for designing - Tools like Zeplin and Zeroheight were used for prototype design and each page was tested for pixel perfect design accuracy against the prototype designed.
    • Cross Browser checks - Every component, every module, each page was checked individually for cross browser compatibility
    • Cross Device Checks - Every component, every module, each page was checked individually for cross device compatibility - on several devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Mini, Windows PC.
    • Content Check - After all the components, modules, designs are approved, each page level content accuracy was checked 100%
    • Global site testing - After passing all the above testing, global website testing was done. Where again all components, modules, design, content where checked for integration, browser and device compatibility.
    • Multilingual Testing - Content in different languages were tested for accuracy.
    • Accessibility testing - For every website to be checked for Accessibility based on special accessibility standards set by company based on WAI WCAG 2.0 (Web Accessibility Initiative Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) Level A and Level AA.
    • Self Serve/CMS - Lastly all the back end self serve modules and functionality were tested.
  • Re-checking cycles were conducted based on Feedback / tickets verification from client.


  • Cost shaving as no team scale up required to fulfill short term peak in business.
  • Off-shore QA team induction in process with ZERO lead-time. So time saving.
  • Timely completion of all the assignments. No delays.
  • Customer delight due to stringent quality delivered.

Structured Screening & Induction Process:

Timeline for this Project

6 Months

Team allocation for this Project

  • 1 Certified Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 2 Quality Assurance Engineers

Project Details

Third Party Quality Assurance for Enterprise CMS Site development projects
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