Electronic Products Company

Implements Sitecore XP 9 to get advantage
of unparalleled customer engagement
features and analytics


A leading electronic products manufacturer from North America has Sitecore 7.2 web platform implemented few years back. The changing business dynamics pushed for more expectations from the platform in order to achieve 360-degree customer view to deliver personalized customer experiences across ever-changing touch-points.

Ace performed successful migration from Sitecore 7.2 to Sitecore XP 9, enabling customer’s marketing team to benefit from the connected data sources and deeper contextual insights for ongoing, holistic, real-time view of the customer.


Customer’s sales and account teams conducted business with their partners, affiliates on the existing site on Sitecore7.2, so business continuity was key concern. Ace planned a seamless transition and switchover from 7.2 to Sitecore XP 9 without any impact on business.

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), Version 9 hosted on cloud has unified all data and interactions from campaigns and other data sources into one platform.

Customer entrusted Ace to provide an integrated end to end services:

  • Uninterrupted maintenance of old Sitecore 7.2 platform
  • Development of MVP in Sitecore XP 9
  • New platform development as Phase 2
  • Business Rules & Content Migration
  • Deployment in Cloud

The overall engagement was managed in three parallel work streams:

Stream 1: Maintenance

Existing old web platform maintenance was handled in absence of technical code repository, knowledge or documentation.
Ace team was able to self-understand the code and maintained the platform for business continuity.

Stream 2: Implementation of new platform

  • Cloud infrastructure selection
  • Reverse engineer code (decompile) and decode business rules
  • UI Design of the platform
  • Design Integration in Sitecore XP 9
  • Configure newly launched Sitecore XP 9
  • Complete technical development

Stream 3: Integrations

  • API/Webservices
  • Integrations of 3rd party applications
  • End to end testing with marketing automation products

Sitecore XP 9Implementation Benefits

Security & Compliance:

Secured application, for all data at rest and in transport. Includes SSL for Solr as well.

Sitecore In-build Forms:

Ace used full potential of Sitecore XP 9 Forms – new features ensures quality customer data, analytics and reporting capabilities to evaluate the effectiveness of forms instantly.

Sitecore on Azure as PaaS:

Ace has leveraged “Sitecore Experience Cloud”, platform runs fully “serverless”.

xDB and xConnect:

Ace has implemented Sitecore’s xDB analytics database and Sitecore’s xConnect to fully integrate customer interaction data collected in Sitecore xDB with external systems.


Ace adopted Modelling Template structure approach that speeds up development and improves the quality.


Ace has used Sitecore utility Unicorn to simplify deployment of Sitecore items across environments automatically.