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Order, Production & Delivery tasks management platform for Artwork projects.

Automation Software for Creative Graphics

About the Project


Automation software with smooth end-to-end facilitation of customized artwork creation and order process from a single portal. The graphics produced are eventually made available in print or digital format.

The artwork can be chosen from ready-designed templates and can also be customized on request. These customized artworks are majorly used as daily tool, personalized gifts to staff & executives, educational resources, a guide for fly-ins and grassroots advocates or a membership incentive.

Tech Stack

Microsoft .net Framework
Microsoft SQL Server


  • The system is developed for 3 types of users and proper roles & rights management can be exercised.
  • 3 levels of users - Sales Organization, End Customer and Graphic Designer Studio can seamlessly interact with each other in the system.
  • Customer Order Process:
    • Website forms are integrated to flow directly into the system to generate customer inquiry.
    • The sales Organization will have the ability to generate a quotation and submit to the customer directly from the system. The quotation will have further details on number of copies, number of years of order etc.
    • The customer has the ability to approve any particular quotation.
    • The sales organization can generate and submit contracts, upon approval of which order is considered as confirmed.
  • Studio Workflow:
    • The sales organization will look at all approved contracts and place individual orders to the Graphics studio. The interface allows adding custom comments and instructions for each artwork requested.
    • Once the Graphic Studio process the order, they will submit the artwork, links and comments for approval of the Sales organization.
    • The iterations or changes are carried out - all the communications back & forth are recorded in the system, thus keeping the complete tracks on changes.
    • On other hand, Sales organization will submit the same artwork to the End customer for their approvals. The customer has the ability to approve the order from the system itself.
  • Final Artwork Submission
    • Upon receiving customer approval, Graphics Studio can upload the links to high-resolution artwork.
    • The artwork will be simultaneously available for the Sales organization, End Customer and Printers.
    • The printer can use the final files for printing purposes.
  • Some of the other features available in the system are as below:
    • Incorporated a digital signature process for approvals at the contract stage and final artwork stage.
    • Ready available creative artwork templates - updated at timely intervals.
    • Master data management
    • Quotation management: Multiple quotes can be generated based on customer requirements.
    • Contract management
    • Converting contract to order and integrating with back end subscription management system.
    • Detailed reports module
    • Automated sales report to help sales projections and fulfillment, also with automated operations reports
    • Centralized cloud data storage
    • Automated communication and history log
    • Dashboard with bird eye view of recent activities, sales figures, weekly statistics


  • Seamless and Automated process workflow with history and versioning.
  • Transparent approval process with digital signature authentication
  • Order process time reduced by 45%
  • Robust workflow process with easy & quick communication between the remotely located team members - salesperson, customer and graphic designers.
  • Zero liability on external tools like Google Sheets, Emails, Project Management system, and more. All these features are compiled in a single platform.

Timeline for this Project

3 Months

Team allocation for this Project

  • 2 resource
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