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Hire Android developers that can leverage the latest technologies to deliver an awesome Android application development service. We can come up with the right solution in a quick turnaround time within a customer-friendly development budget. Our developers are well versed with Kotlin which allows them to develop cutting edge Android applications.

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About Android

About Android

Android is an operating system developed and created by Google for various mobile devices.

It is the world's most popular mobile OS that ranges from phones, watches, cars, and TVs.

Android store has more than 2 million Android applications

The recent Project Mainline initiative helps the user to update core OS components through the Google Play Store.

In recent times, Kotlin, an Android-compatible language has become very popular in developing Android Mobile Apps.

Why Develop Android with Kotlin?

  • 1

    Faster: Android apps built on Kotlin offer faster performance.

  • 2

    Productivity centricity: Developer experience a higher rate of productivity and eases developer’s life when it comes to development

  • 3

    Futuristic: Kotlin language is a highly modern language and it is coder friendly and allows you to write minimal boilerplate code.

  • 4

    Safety oriented: The quality of Kotlin app is quite robust @Nullable and @NonNull types are integrated into Kotlin to avoid NullPointerExceptions.

  • 5

    Interoperability with Java: Kotlin is fully compatible with Java-based codes without any hassle.

  • 6

    Android Studio support: Android offers special built-in tools for converting existing Java-based codes to Kotlin through Android Studio support

  • 7

    Android KTX: The Android KTX feature offers an agile Kotlin development ecosystem and helps in leveraging Kotlin language features.

  • 8

    Java-centric: Java-based source code is used in the majority of the Kotlin reference topics and due to this there are Java code snippets involved in Kotlin

  • 9

    Kotlin friendly SDK: The Android SDK offers nullability annotations to address NullPointerExceptions.

Android Services

Custom Android App Development Custom Android App Development

Custom Android App Development:

Build heavy-duty, complex, engaging custom Android application through our in house Android experts. We offer a complete custom android development service package that not only includes development but also Strategy, design, prototyping, development, maintenance, and support.

Enterprise Centric Services Enterprise Centric Services

Enterprise Centric Services:

Get the benefit of futuristic, sophisticated, scalable, enterprise-grade Android apps that are designed to meet your business needs.

Migration & Upgrades Migration & Upgrades

Migration & Upgrades

Quickly migrate your old Android version to the new one or transition from a hybrid state to the native Android state. We can also replicate your existing iOS application to the Android platform. We also offer upgradation like posting application updates to the PlayStore, reviewing application feedback etc.

Android Consulting Services Android Consulting Services

Android Consulting Services

We offer Android Application Development Consultation. We are always open to help you in brainstorming sessions and discuss new technology-related ideas.

Android Support & Maintenance Android Support & Maintenance

Android Support & Maintenance

Hire our Android application developers to maintain and support your Android Application throughout the year. We can help you in-app reviews and ensure that they are rightly positioned, securely regularize app and 3rd party library updates.

QA and Testing QA and Testing

QA and Testing

Our developers can team up with your QA division to plan and execute various aspects of quality assurance. It will keep your in-house team focused on innovation.

Verticals of Android

eCommerce Applications

eCommerce Applications

Our Android developers who specialize in eCommerce android applications can take your eCommerce offerings like carts, marketplace, social eCommerce, etc. to the next level.

E-learning Applications


We can build highly engaging and informative mobile and tablet based e-learning applications, learning management systems (LMS), online portals, courses, etc. that can keep your audience hooked to the content.

Social Network Applications

Social Networking Applications

Leverage Android's social media-friendly framework to build an engaging community to facilitate collaboration and networking.

Travel Applications

Travel Applications

Our Travel experts can build a tourism based application that takes care of your ROI and easily match the scale of your operations.

Logistics Applications

Logistics Applications

Make your logistics business more streamlined on a day to day basis. Our logistics-related apps can make a difference right from day one.

Healthcare Applications

Healthcare Applications

We are experts in building awesome Healthcare applications that deliver a hassle-free experience to the patients and help them see the desired result quickly.

Banking & Finance Applications

Banking & Finance Applications

Our Android developers are capable of handling custom banking & financial software development services for large enterprises and ensure that the application can demonstrate increased operational efficiency & agility with enhanced security features.

Automotive Applications

Automotive Applications

We have developed mobile applications for the automation industry that are highly customer-centric and they offer unique value and satisfaction to customers.

Why Hire Android Developers from Ace Infoway?

Our Android developers provide services to meet your unique project requirements. We provide our dedicated Android developers to customers who need technical specialization and expertise for their projects. Our dedicated Android developers are not only coding experts, but they also understand what exactly customer needs and they are committed to making a quality product as per the requirement.


Dedicated TEAM

Our web development team has more than 20 years of experience, and particularly for Android, we have a team with more than 6 years of experience that can easily be integrated with your technical team or work as an offshore business partner:

20+ years

20+ years of overall experience in designing, development, and publishing

Developers' skills

Developers’ skills as well as expertise to match your requirements

Available 24/7

Available 24/7, i.e., all timezone independent

Rapid team

Rapid team scaling up and involvement of experts such as Project Manager, Technical Head, Business Analyst, etc. on an ad hoc basis

Highly co-operative

Highly co-operative with the process and methodologies as per the requirement

Client Testimonials

Case Studies

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Redevelopment of Web Portal & Mobile Applications for Safety compliances in the US

Customer developed Web Application and Mobile Application and this was offered to customers on a subscription basis. The application helps...

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Application Migration – The simplicity in its complexity

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