TelecommunicationThe telecommunications industry is the worldwide commerce of supplying electronics and technologies to let people to converse with one another. The main tools typically used in this industry are telephones, radios, televisions, computers and related networks. Communications generally move between this equipment using cables, radio signals, and satellites.

The telecommunication industry has grown exponentially in the last decade by applying IT and thus becoming an ICT industry. Applying IT in telecommunication has resulted in surge of mobile technology and therefore mobile applications in every domain ranging from agriculture to aviation. This has resulted in inorganic growth of finance, banking, insurance and entertainment industries. ACE has the capability to provide the following solutions to Telecommunication industry:

  • Asset management systems
  • Utility management systems
  • Facility management systems
  • Technical fault control systems
  • Simulation systems for error prevention
  • Asset mapping system with GIS and GPS
  • Order processing systems
  • Delivery management systems
  • Network management systems
  • Grievance handling systems
  • Workflow control systems
  • Digital marketing solutions
  • CRM
  • Tele marketing and email marketing system
  • Load balancing systems
  • Lead management systems

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