Promotional Products

Promotional ProductsPromotional products are helpful and representative products that are used in advertising and communication. In a very broad sense, any kind of product used to promote a business may be considered a promotional product.

Promotional items offer a selling with the opening to manage the marketing message and how the clients perceive the business. They are a unique and targeted message that shows you value your customers. Using logo branded promotional products to brand your business can be done in an easy, simple and lucrative way.

ACE is a pioneer is developing IT based solutions for this niche industry of gifting. The promotion product industry is a dynamic and high volume industry and therefore needs constant update and strategy changes. This industry uses technology very effectively across the stake holders and participants and for suppliers and distributors in particular. ACE has adequate and proven skills to deliver the following solutions:

  • Artwork creations
  • Template based websites
  • Micro sites
  • Digitizing (embroidery) solutions
  • Order processing solutions
  • Automation of Email based order receipts
  • Logistic management system
  • Inventory control
  • Virtual samples
  • Product shop floor drawings
  • 3D modeling
  • Virtual exhibitions
  • Custom catalog
  • E-catalog
  • Digital marketing
  • CRM
  • Graphic designs
  • Shipping solutions
  • Event management solutions
  • Newsletter management solutions
  • Promotions and discount management systems

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