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Integration ServicesWith the influence and flexibility of web technologies, many innovative software applications are being developed for online usage. This is in contrast to the past, where the desktop environment was the only place suitable for the authoritative software businesses’ want.

Lots of businesses today have existing software applications, databases, and other systems already in place that are tightly integrated with their business processes. While the company’s desire to control the power of the web exists, then there could be the fear of change and the sudden costs of replacing their inherited systems with a web-based solution are overpowering. Integrated service is that web-based all-inclusive services can be designed and implemented to balance their existing software systems.

To assist businesses who have existing software systems or databases and wish to commence a web-based component to their business, Ace Infoway offer web integration services that will make the data and resources you need available online. There are numbers of web-pages present on any website and each of them has been developed to provide the visitor with certain information. At this time if website is going to have a large amount of information that has to be changed frequently, then you surely require having web database integration.

As the database resides on the web server, the best advantage of it is that your web-site visitors can directly interact with your company. In addition to this by linking to database systems, if customers or clients wish to search for you products/services, then he can further search through detailed information about your products, place and track orders, and much more. If you have an existing website, we can effortlessly install a back-end system that will allow you to login and manage and/or display your products, services and customer data on the web.

Alternately, if you do not have an existing web presence, we can build a full-fledged web application that will beautifully platform your products and services on the web while controlling the power and reliability of your existing software or database. This web integration services support to both the existing software operations within daily business operations and whenever the operations get stuck into functionality.

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