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Web DesignA useful Web design is one which solves purpose of being online, conveys message clearly to your web visitor, reach to target audience, help you grow business and streamline processes. At ACE we are dedicated to deliver creative, scalable and impeccable web design that can work out all your desires of having a Web presence. There are several web products such as digital catalog, landing pages, ad banners, email flyer and website are needs of a business depending upon their intention to meet objective. Deciding a right tool starts with an excellent analysis of the requirements. Then the specifications, design choices, color preferences and well-designed needs to be analyzed. Our experienced customer friendly project manager help customers define their requirement and also can suggest industry best practices.

Website design

Usually website design phase start with understanding needs, theme choice, audience, purpose, competitor site study and functional needs. Then the graphic mockup is designed which can then be reviewed by the client and suggest changes if any. Subpages and all different templates website need to be defined in phase two. Once all designs have been approved, all pages of website have to be populated for content and suitable graphic to make it worth visiting for target audience. The web design process generally involves a team consisting of project manager, graphic designers, developers, quality check analysts and online marketing experts. Diverse business demand unlike functional needs and so distinguish solutions have to be designed. At ACE we have worked for many business verticals including…

Insurance Manufacturing
Travel Importing & logistics
Hospitality Retailing
Health care Banking & finance
Recruiting Promotional products
Real estate Entertainment
Telecommunication Non-profit / NGOs

Landing page design

There is no specific formula to make a landing page but certain care can always be taken to increase chances of making a winning landing page. After you design landing page, you should constantly check variations to improve conversion metrics. A good landing page design should consist page title, clear and concise heading, balanced text justifying a message you want to convey, appropriate images and/or videos, strong call to action, information gathering fields and necessary navigation system.

We have built PPC landing pages or lead generation pages for different business segments including automobile, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, insurance, publishing, promotion and many more. We try best to convert landing page visitors to returning visitors of your website.

With ACE you get benefitted by our immeasurable industry experience, In-depth consultation that helps our clients achieve increase in conversion rates, unique and perfect landing page development and awe-inspiring designs at inexpensive prices.

eCatalog design

An eCatalog is a product catalog having digital or electronic format and can be used anywhere using the internet or on handheld devices like phone and tablet. The eCatalog can be an electronic format for eBook, a digital product catalog, a photo album, a company profile, a digital copy of magazine or an annual report of any organization to be published on internet. The eCatalog creation service is in demand because of its advantages like saves paper or green initiative, economic development perspective, easy to modify, reduces postage cost, worldwide visibility, online free or paid circulation, readability, and much more. Some companies provide free eBooks, just like a marketing free tool. Certainly, the eBooks are having potential of replacing the printed books on long go.

eCatalog comes with host of features like appealing and eye-catching display, Fast and easy navigation, Company portfolio, product details, thumbnail pages with title, Critical and specific details provided with every product, the company email link and links of the website as well as company profile, capacity to set order through which the products and thumbnails appear in the portfolio, safety against the hot-linking for your pages from the other websites or “ right-click-and-copy” content theft without disabling the browser function.


Businesses spend a lot of money on marketing activities through internet. Banners adverts for products or services are obvious choice for most companies. For them, ACE providers banner design in different types like Flash, GIF, Static and Media rich banners. It requires a special touch to banner advert when your web visitors are surrounded by tons of designs. ACE endeavor to make inimitable high quality banner designs as we distinguish that our triumph relies on your success.

With growth of social network and online users, Internet marketing has become an absolute must in the new age. Online audience pay attention to message presented in unique way with a right balance of content and graphics. People who observe your banners may quickly visit your web site or product page by just one click. For making your banner design proficient many things should be measured likes color use, banner size, correct animation, length of slogan, and much more. Our creative design team provides banner design of your preferences including audio, video, and interactive features.

There is different standard banner size evolved from guidelines several bodies worked out. However, everybody is free to use their own size but we recommend you design your banners in standard formats so to conform to most advertisers. The size of advert is defined in pixel – width x height. Here are some commonly used name and their respective standard size Skyscraper (120 W x 600 H pixel), Wide Skyscraper (160 W x H 600 pixel), Leader board (728 W x 90 H pixel), Full Banner (468 W x 60 H pixel), Half Banner (234 W x 60 H pixel), Large Rectangle (336 W x 280 H pixel), Medium Rectangle (300 W x 250 H pixel), Rectangle (180 W x 150 H pixel), Square Button (125 W x 125 H pixel), Micro Bar (88 W x 31 H pixel).

HTML email flyers

HTML email users continue to grow and it has constantly proven to be very effective tool for marketing. Studies say that approximately; email marketing generates approximately $50 in revenue against every dollar spent. At this stage it is also understandable that we are not talking unwanted email marketing. Email marketing helps in great way if taken in right terms. Business having web presence and defined work process need email as primary tool of marketing.

An email flyer is also used to encourage special events, businesses announcements, or order confirmation, registration confirmation etc. It’s better to use professional touch while designing an intelligible flyer. You should use a larger font for easy reading and keep your words brief, but catchy. By incorporating right colors, graphics, special fonts, and specific subject line you can make your email flyer stand out even more from bunch of emails. You can create your promotional HTML email by using desktop software or you just hire skilled people like us where all aspect of flyer design is taken care of.

While working with us we take optimum care of your business objective for HTML email flyer. Our customer friendly executive will understand your needs and help you meet goal. We can also help you for sending designer email flyer to your bulk prospects.

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