Speciality Design

speciality designWith ACE specialty design service transform your rouch sketches and layout into design art at a fraction of the costs that you would incur to source the solutions locally. To get better quality higher resolution images, we help customers select correct file format for your digital asset. Our services include illustration, graphic design, layout design, industry specific needs etc.

Logo redraws

Should you need redraw your unclear logo available on piece of paper, scanned copy or low resolution file, ACE is industry preferred choice. You can send us whatever you have via post, fax or email. We will convert raster artwork to vector artwork so you get highest level of precision and useful logo file for large size print when needed. Our vector converted files are ready for printing, plotting, engraving, etching and vinyl cutting or for any other desired use. Even for complex logo artwork, our artist has solution.


In the Vector graphics, curves, lines, points, polygons, etc. are utilized to represent the whole image. A main benefit of using the vector image is its scalability. Vector image is scaled to any extent without the resolution loss, whereas bitmap or raster images scale poorly. Another benefit of vector image is its editing flexibility. You may edit any property part of vector image like angle, color, width, etc. without decline in image quality. Additionally, the Vector graphic is good for the color separation for screen printing. We can convert any Artwork, Logo, Maps, Stencils, Illustration, Crests, Signs, Decal designs, Patches, Badges, Caricatures, Photographs, Cartoons, etc. into hand-drawn vector images.


Digitizing is the process to convert artwork into data, having commands that tell embroidery machine regarding how to shift via machine operating system. Digitizing design is the process to exchange artwork like the vector format or formats of scanned image like .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .bmp in digital embroidery. It may be done using embroidery digitizing software through skilled digitizing artist to interpret the exacting design. Contemporary embroidery is stitched through computerized embroidery machine using patterns, “digitized” using embroidery software. In machine embroidery, different types of “fills” add texture & design to complete the work. Machine embroidery is used to add monograms & logos to business shirts/jackets, team apparel, or gifts and to embroider the decorator fabrics, household linens, and draperies, which resemble the complex hand embroidery of days gone by. At ACE, we have outstanding digitizing artists, to work with high-quality embroidery digitizing services at lesser turnaround time. Our clientele includes manufacturers, digitizers, embroiderers, and promotional companies that are searching for the professional services at acceptable rates.

Real estate imaging

In technology age, realtors use internet vastly for their property buying, selling and leasing business. For them website displaying their product is as good as salesman. Hence, Real estate agents and brokers keep detailed information of property with all possible images. Images that are taken from different angles and effects are needed to canvas product at its best. For such product image improvement needs, ACE has developed a talented designers pool who are experts in image improvement skills. Our designer very well knows need of image enhancement like brightness and contrast balancing, color rectification, different filters and masking when needed etc. We take bulk images order delivering solution with an excellent turnaround time.

Album creation

ACE is the one-stop solution shop for all your album designing needs. You can place all enquires to have photo improvement services, cropping and mixing of images, and digital album which has feel of paper album with turning and music features. Need based digitally retouching photos or just editing photos; our photo editors will be fast and accurate to provide you with your photos recreated as per your desired requirements. You can add keywords, tags and make album searchable on the internet. Isn’t this an easy way of sharing information in social networking arena Not to forget, digital album can be protected from image copying, leaving you rest assured from misuse. Our customers share with us their family function, vacation, parties and adventure photographs for digital album creation.

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