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Middleware DevelopmentMiddleware is software application that supports services to applications obtainable from the operating system. It enables contact and administration of information in spread applications. Middleware application performs between the operating system and software on network. Middleware is usually presented as a commercial solution and ACE develop at this level. However, what we also deliver value driven options that bring middleware into the reach of the medium businesses.

Any business has a sort of Information Technology systems that are organized as the business develops; the problem is getting these systems to work together either through planning before deployment or if the system is a legacy that cannot be removed, working through the business processes to make sure that the system is integrated in a convenient and commercial approach.

ACE provides the applications to join one system to another effortlessly to provide accuracy and time saving benefits for your business. These are developed by design or providing that fundamental connection to your existing accounting system for example.

At ACE, whether we are developing a system to associate legacies or combine into new systems, we always believe future development to reduce the moderations for future growth and diversity. This is where the principles of Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) development come into phases. We make sure that your new development does not turn into a future inheritance, but evolves with your business.

If you are not sure if middleware development is what you need, then do not hesitate to contact us now and we will advise on the best route to take.

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