Legacy Migration

Fast growing companies have been investing on IT applications over multiple years to gain and retain the cutting edge advantages. While these applications are providing the necessary return on investments, it has become very complex to continue and improve these applications with the dynamics of business environment. These organizations are looking for trusted IT partners to take up this ownership of getting the special benefit out of their finances on these applications.

ACE Infoway with its fundamental purpose of partnering with their customers, takes responsibility of owning these applications, migrating them to newer technologies and provide maintenance and enhancement services.

ACE Infoway has helped customers with legacy migration and transformation. Having a strong team of professionals and technical specialists, ACE has focused on continuous development and research of best practices, methodologies and automated tools to deliver maximum migration consulting and solutions.

Legacy Migration

Ace Infoway is an established leader for extensive legacy migration and innovation. Our legacy modernization services enables customers to transform different legacy systems running on heterogonous proprietary platforms, developed in various programming languages with data stored in legacy databases and file systems, into web based solutions that are built on a J2EE or .NET environment, SOA based architecture.

When should you consider Migration?

  • If you have any business-centric IT systems built on platforms that are reaching (or already reached) end-of-life or end-of support
  • If you are having problems finding and retaining competent engineers on legacy systems?
  • If the maintenance and enhancement of these applications has become costly, complex, and lengthy
  • If you are embarking on SOA roadmap, to unlock the IT assets locked away in expensive proprietary and legacy systems
  • If you are looking to move to new platforms without losing your large investment in business rules
  • If you are looking to redirect most of your IT-spend to new initiatives for business gain? rather than simply maintaining the legacy systems.

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