Prepress Services

Anyone who is occupied in the publishing industry will know before publishing that there are certain foundational tasks to be followed; this is named as Prepress services. This is a very decisive part of publishing and If not done correctly it will show in the end result. To alter this later undergoes more time and money shattered. Ace Infoway prepress services cover all domains such as financial, legal, medical, scientific, educational, hospitality, manufacturing, technical, tours and travels fields.

Prepress Services

Project management solutions for Books/Journals including XML workflow

The project management solutions completed by Ace Infoway are best explained as an innovative grouping of refined technology possessions. We do full service management covering the stages from copy editing to delivery of the printer file by doing the Publisher and author administration services. We program for every procedure to the publisher once we confirm the document, digital copy as well as the artwork quality. We attempt to work towards organizing and directing the work flow through the diverse stages of making.

Multilingual Typesetting Services

Ace Infoway manages nonstop Multilingual Typesetting work for the renowned consumers in the industry. We have specialists in foreign languages which are our strength to worth the terminologies and directions given by the client and administer the projects in a successful manner.

Typesetting Job (Indesign, Word Pagination, 3B2, Quark, etc.)

Our qualified and experienced typesetters are experts at composing crisp and clean layouts with an excellent capability to bring your message clearly to the reader. We follow both predictable as well as inventive typesetting methods, giving you a wide range of options to choose the one best suited for your business. Ace Infoway organizes a wide range of books and journals from low difficult pagination levels to intense complexity free style design developments. We have the potential to work on all the most modern software used for typesetting requirements.

Indexing Services In E Publishing

When page verifications of a publication are prepared, we carefully collect a chart of the data to create a useful tool for the reader. Beginning with a computer-generated concordance, we group similar concepts and apply other logical examination such as cross-referencing, then edit the index for makeup, precision and stability and format it to your specifications. Our indexing services are provided by subject matter experts, who have a vast acquaintance on creating professional indexes.

Copy editing Services before Publishing

Ace Infoway has a very capable and skilled team of copy editors who scrutinize your data for grammar, conciseness, repetition, shifts in tone/voice and suitable citation style, ensuring that the message in your document is direct and meaningful. We check for the truthful correctness of your matter and generate an error-free document.

Quality Control Services

ACE professionals will theoretically make sure the value level of the document at proof stages for typographical mistakes and guarantee reliability. Quality inspection and power depends on each project’s specifications. The quality control process includes input and in-process inspections, sampling verifications, error analysis, corrective action, preventive action and final inspection. We authorize the material through our qualified assessment team and QC tools. We deliver the final content in the form of PDFs, XML or HTML to our clients.

Artwork/Illustrations Processing

Graphics are the stage on which your message is based on. Any message is best conveyed when built on interesting artwork. With a practiced and proficiently accomplished team of graphic designers, we are very confident with this creation to help you understand the true potential of your business. We produce competent and trendy business graphics and animation.

We are proficient at all the latest design software including but not limited to adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Matlab and Chemlab. Ace Infoway has designed cover pages and illustrations for books and journals and leading magazines.

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