Cross Platform Mobile Development

Cross Platform Mobile DevelopmentCross Platform development is operation of technology to get in better speed and superior portability. In this development, a software program is written once and is performed on several operating system platforms.

Program code and technology preferred allows the mobile application developer to install and share out the application across wide-ranging web and mobile platforms, operating systems, tools and devices. There are many tools and operating system platforms of mobiles.

Building application for a specific platform is easy but while applying an application on different platforms is quite demanding job and this can be implemented by the cross platform mobile development technology. Developers select a platform that supports them to develop the applications in one common language that would be supported by the entire accepted platform. This is called as the cross platform mobile development.

Some of the cross platform technologies are very popular like:

  • Sencha Touch 2 – Sencha touch is admired these days is principally a framework used by the developers for web application.
  • Appcelerator Titanium – It supports iPhone, android, iPad and Blackberry based applications and also allows using JavaScript to develop native apps for Android and iPhone.
  • PhoneGap – It’s used to develop native mobile applications with the utilize of web based technologies rather than using C and C++.
  • jQuery Mobile – Jquery mobile is a HTML5 based framework which is broadly used for the touch operated mobile devices.
  • PhoneGap Build – It is enhanced versions of PhoneGap development technology.

Benefits of Cross Platform Development:

  • Use HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 to build stuff. No need to learn a platform specific development
  • One code for all (Phonegap supports around 7 platforms)
  • Rapid testing and deployment.
  • Use of the vendor specific market place to sell your products.
  • Could do more platform specific things on the device than its default browser(website).
  • Most off them are open source with lot of plugins and support to the community.

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