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Virtual AssistantVirtual Assistance is the art of providing the assistance remotely. Thus removes the need of a VA to be present in the same propinquity to the business requiring support. A VA provides technological, organizational and accounting assistance to globally from a remote location. A VA may be in any part of the world-after all, he or she communicates with the customer via multiple communication tools like phone, email, instant messaging. ACE offers virtual assistant services to business organizations to help them in executive and clerical tasks while they focus on their core activities.

The virtual assistants we provide are passionate individuals, having understanding and proficiency in their respective fields. The solitary objective of our team is to provide timely as well as quality services, which optimize the business returns.

Leveraging the VA services that we offer, customers can obtain the following benefits:

Cost Effectiveness:

    • No requirement of special set up to begin operations. There is no need to provide office space in your office to house an employee. There is no need to acquire that extra equipment that the employee will need to use.
    • You don’t need to expend on hiring of people and office equipments. No need to spend valuable time and money going through the resume screening and training processes.
    • You save on salary payment, medical bills, leave vacations and other benefits that you would otherwise offer to a full time assistant.


Time Effectiveness:

    • Our virtual assistants work in a dedicated mode for you. We organize the best resources that have experience in the appropriate fields. Due to the time zone difference, we are able to provide support to our customers not only during business hours, but also on “off-business hours”
    • Virtual assistance invoice just for time spent on projects. You don’t need to be anxious about paying for inactive time – time tired by an in-house employee waiting for the next project to be assigned.
    • Virtual assistance will grow your company, because you’ll find you have the time to focus on strategy and development.
    • Virtual assistants also makes your life easier, by enabling you to spend more time in the business, spend more time with your family, or enjoy more of your favorite vacation activities.
    • Ace Infoway provide personal virtual assistants that will completely work for you. You will have through access to the virtual assistant for whom you may straightforwardly allocate the tasks. The virtual assistant will do the job according to your reporting methodologies and processes.


Our Virtual Assistants assist our customers in:

  • ITES Services
  • Data Entry
  • Graphic Design
  • Internet Research
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • SEO and SEM
  • Spreadsheets Creation
  • 24×7 Call Answering
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Business Card Scanning
  • Correspondence Services
  • Desktop Publishing Services
  • Event Planning
  • Travel, hotel and airline reservations

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