Data Content Management

Data Content Management

Managing and processing data is among the most extended and awkward yet extremely important processes. We, at ACE have clients across the world, which have shown assurance and reliance for the quality of the services that we offer. We suggest most cost-effective yet having highest quality in document conversion as well as data entry services. We offer the following data/content management services for our customers.

  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • OCR Services & OCR Clean Up

Data Entry

At ACE, we have qualified team, high-tech infrastructure and necessary security measures to ensure that customers’ data is in safe hands and is processed and delivered within the defined and agreed service levels. In case you are having challenges managing large volumes of data, ACE has the solution for you.

Data Processing

Computerized data processing as well as information processing is the fundamentals that can help you in keeping the pace with your business challenges. In case, your company is searching for efficient, fast, and accurate data processing services, you have reached at the right place. ACE Infoway is amongst world’s foremost data processing service providers and is amongst the most favorite outsourcing companies in India. You can power the data processing services of ACE and get benefits like

  • Benefit from the accurate information and data
  • Digitize the data using state-of-the-art systems and software
  • Eliminate unwanted data and have easy access of the relevant data
  • Get large processed and organized data volumes
  • Modify and computerize all the data, which are stored in the paper documents

Here is the list of different data processing services we provide:

  • Data processing services
  • Fulfillment and mailing services
  • Forms processing services
  • Litigation services
  • Survey processing services

Here is a brief description of the data processing services that we offer

  • Forms processing services: Finding any information from the handwritten form soft copies is a tedious task. We can simplify this task for you, by processing your forms as well as making them electronically accessible for you.
  • Litigation services: Leverage our litigation services and organize, structure, and streamline your legal documents so that you don’t need to waste time searching for them in the stacks of files. We can ensure that you are having all the information made easily and readily available.
  • Fulfillment & mailing services: ACE assists in improving efficiency of the companies in managing large document processing for shipping as well as delivering the products. Be it emails, orders, or any type of document, ACE supports the whole data processing & management process.

Through our data processing services, we can

  • Organize & index data
  • Code & aggregate immense volumes of data
  • Scan & process data from given source
  • Validate, arrange and present the data in most usable as well as user-friendly format
  • Analyze, abstract and interpret data
  • Perform data computation and statistical analysis


ACE provides professional data conversion services. With the assistance of our conversion techniques, you can produce any content/document to be utilized well on the internet. We use techniques for practiced data conversion, with idea that you can easily share documents with several people or even operate the documents like electronic distribution point that can be used by various people.

Using the documents regenerated into XML (eXtensible Markup Language) can prove to be profitable in different ways. It provides you the capability to create or allocate documents on the web or on manageable drives.

Our specialists will give you fast, reliable and accurate data conversion services. The procedure of creating tools for the data conversion may be highly complex and boring including various tagging processes yet, with our proficiency, we ensure that it becomes extremely easy for clients. To ensure the preferred quality, our team uses reliable and the latest conversion and analysis tools that assists us in providing correct and reusable data conversion solutions.

Our data conversion services incorporates following conversion modes

  • Excel to XML
  • JPEG to XML
  • HTML to XML
  • Text to XML
  • PDF to XML
  • Word to XML
  • XML to excel
  • XML to all the other file types


ACE Infoway’s OCR services and OCR cleanup services are particularly designed to reproduce books, periodicals, manuals, journals, hand written materials, and questionnaires into electronic formats.

Our multi-lingual software for OCR identifies a wide range of fonts for different languages that will cleanup all your OCR with up to 99.95% of accuracy and switch into the desired output format. The cost of the OCR cleanup jobs depends on the nature and quality of printed text scanned.

OCR Services

Optical Character Recognition or OCR Services include wide range of data-management services. The services incorporate data entry, data conversion, data capture, data processing and more. We provide data-management services to hospitals, banks, insurance companies, big and small business and several other organizations. For data collection and data capturing, we utilize high-end OCR systems. Through our prompt OCR system, we can provide cost-effective data-management services.

ACE Infoway’s OCR services include:

  • Conversion of scanned image data to digital text files
  • Documents are scanned to normal formats like TIFF, PDF, etc to meet explicit requirements
  • Includes directories, journals, magazines, and periodicals
  • Includes Medical, Banking, Insurance, and Survey forms
  • Materials can be practiced either as multi-page text files or single-page text files
  • We use latest scanning technology

OCR Clean Up Services

The OCR cleanup services combine in detail business knowledge and different methodologies to offer extremely specific OCR services. As you previously recognize that the Optical Character Recognition is a procedure of converting the printed text image into the ASCII or Unicode. The process is actually sensitive and must be performed with extreme care. As errors are natural in the OCR process, we also provide OCR cleanup services with the OCR services. Only OCR services may not meet client requirements when the maximum possible accuracy levels have the first main concern. To achieve this, we apply the most recent available OCR software to achieve 99.95% accuracy. At ACE Infoway, we execute OCR cleanup services for comparing original documents against OCR files for correcting misread characters. The job of OCR cleanup is required in areas of tables, footnotes, and technical data.

ACE Infoway’s OCR Cleanup services include:

  • Cleanup of the OCR output through trained technicians
  • Our OCR cleanup services include quality control accuracy of up to 99.9%
  • Well-equipped with newest high-speed scanning tools
  • Lowest cost services that you will not find anywhere
  • OCR clean-up, conversion, and formatting to different text formats


Why Outsource the OCR and OCR Cleanup Services to ACE Infoway?

At ACE Infoway, we make sure the security and privacy of the data. We can deal with both short-term as well as long-term data-management projects. We provide precise data-management services and that too with fast turnaround-time. We are flexible to meet any OCR or OCR cleanup requirements. Our OCR as well as OCR cleanup services may be utilized in the data capturing requirements like medical forms, insurance forms, bill- remittance forms, banking forms, bounded books, survey forms, periodicals, directories, and magazines.

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