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Most of the time, organizations are not able to focus on their core business, which is to increase their revenue by deeper market penetration. It has been observed that around 70% of their efforts go in streamlining operations and they are always in tug-of-ware circumstances when it comes to reducing their operational costs. Therefore, their situations generate a critical dilemma about how to survive in competitions.

Also, companies who are non-IT firms always experience that maintaining systems and supervising them is a big hassle. That’s why their products and services do not expose methodically at the right time with the right approach. At this moment in time, they may loss particular amount of development.


Technology partnership is an extension of a business to make earnings in an aggressive market, to give competitive benefits, to access business trends, to provide business network opportunities and development strategies.

Our technology partnership program helps both IT and Non-IT organizations to power our expertise in designing & developing systems and solutions that will facilitate to focus on more significant tasks. It brings together the chief technology suppliers and the innovators. The program ensures that our mechanism supports well and performs best creation for end users.

Get an advantage of Ace Infoway as a global market leader experienced in consumer contact best practices that will carry on you ahead. Let us have an opportunity to take care of all your non-core activities so that you can have 100% focus on establishing and developing your business. The profits you get through this customer engagement model are:

  1. Significant reduction in your operational costs, hence lower total cost of ownership.
  2. Quicker turnaround time.
  3. Round the clock support, even during off-business hours to improve your customer relationships.
  4. Access to a large pool of technocrat resources for delivering the best product possible in the short span of time.


Organizations that can reap the benefits of this engagement model are:-

  1. Technology and Domain Consultants
  2. Small and Mid Size Web Agencies or IT Companies
  3. Small and Mid Size companies across various industry verticals like Accounting, Law, Retail, Hospitality, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

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