Referral Partnership

Referral PartnershipThe term referral partner is any personage, generally a specialized consultant, existing customer or sales qualified who can refer new consumers to the company in any number of customs. Referral partner should have confidence that the person they are referring will be treated sincerely. Thus, referral partners have faith each other to take care of those referred correctly. Referral partners know sufficient about each other’s type of businesses so they can identify a recommendation prospect and make out how to grab that opening.

Individuals or group of individuals who have the capability to consult different business issues, having negotiation skills, skills to convince clients to use our services, can engage with Ace Infoway through the referral partnership engagement model. Such talented experts are compensated with attractive commission’s models as below:

Flat fee: You will get flat onetime fee for each of your referral or projects depending on the business volume being referred


Percentage fee: You will get a % value of project value as referral commission, which will be agreed mutually before the start of operations.

Who can be a part of this engagement model?

  • Business consultants
  • Technology consultants
  • Industry experts
  • Solution providers
  • System integrators
  • Trainers

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