Chatbot Development for eCommerce Industry: Future of Online Business

Chatbot Development

Almost everyone these days is talking about chatbots.

What is Chatbot?

You may have heard of Siri and Alexa while working with iOS and Android platforms respectively. A Chatbot is a software designed which mimics humans while you are engaged in a conversation in the form of text or voice. Basically, there are two different types of chatbots which are being used for different applications these days –

1.Based on pre-written scripts and working on a certain set of rules
2.Using Artificial Intelligence learning new things from ongoing conversation

How Can Chatbot Development Help your Online Retail Business?

Using chatbot for an eCommerce store is like making it much more personalized, streamlined and user specific.

Prompt communication is the key to the success of any business. These days chatbots are being used for ordering food, paying utility bills, booking a cab, and many other important tasks.

As far as eCommerce business is concerned, instant communication and quick remedies are the solutions customers usually look for. So, leveraging this new technology would be like thinking out-of-the-box and staying ahead of the competitors.

Chatbots can be the best solution for an eCommerce business where thousands of customers call every day for help related to their purchases, sales, returns, delivery, and any other important information. Moreover, chatbots can be used by the customers for accurate and quick product search providing ultimate shopping experience.

Implementing chatbots in your online retail store would help you in speeding up the process of orders and customer management as well as order fulfillment and shipping process. Also, payment can be processed directly using chatbot providing extreme convenience to the customers.

Can Chatbots Replace Humans?

No, chatbots cannot replace humans who can handle even crucial conversations and negative or rude messages. This technology can be just a useful tool for improving the functionality of an eCommerce store and the speed in services. The concept of chatbot is still emerging and it has a long journey to go before it can transform the eCommerce industry. So, the online retail stores still require customer service experts to communicate with the customers when required.

Advantages of Using Chatbot for Online Retail Industry

Despite chatbot still being in its early development stage can provide various benefits to an eCommerce store. Once the chatbots are properly programmed can complete many crucial tasks of searching, ordering, and payment for the customers in minimum time.

  • Chatbots work 24/7 without any holidays or weekends which helps eCommerce business to stay active for their customers during the hours which are not considered as “standard business hours.”
  • Chatbots can solve many customer queries quicker than the customer service representatives. For example, a chatbot can perform product search quicker than a human can do. Sometimes, humans take an entire working day to resolve a customer query which a chatbot can do within few hours.
  • Chatbots can work with multiple customers simultaneously which a single customer representative can fail to perform. As it is programmed using a specific code, it can reduce the work load of humans to a certain extent.

Chatbots Integration – Accepting the Change

The eCommerce business is changing. A Few years back, the online retailing companies used to bombard the social media channels with posts and updates merely promoting their products. But, very soon they realized that the audience just does not follow the brands which just keep on boasting about themselves.

Similarly, the mobile app development trends are changing. The customers of today are quite techno-savvy and are impatient when it comes to services. They require flawless and quick support from online retailers. A customer service chatbot integrated with the online retail store can handle customer queries, provide timely support and maintain relationships seamlessly.

As per the statistics presented by Forbes, 85% of customer service conversations would be done using Chatbots by the year 2020. Also, Chatbots would help in cost savings of around $8 billion annually by 2022.

Hence, the chatbots are now ready to make your online store better in terms of customer support and help you in leading the market. As far as, personalized conversations are concerned, the sky is the limit for chatbots, if developed and programmed flawlessly.

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