Benefits of CMS over basic HTML sites


A lot is dicussed when we are talking about having basic HTML websites or moving over to CMS. But the world of internet has changed tremendously. No more HTML sites make any business nor do they rock the joints. CMS was the best thing that happened to the world of websites, because a change and easy to do so was what businesses want. HTML had its own long run before CMS joined the race and HTML had to hang its shoes.
Here is what CMS websites win over HTML:
1. Redesigning
HTML Websites: HTML would be one of those types in which they allow you to do a lot of things. But if you are planning to redo an entire website or remodel it, it is worst than having to redo a building. You have to scrap the whole site at times and undergo the complete renovation – which is more tedious than making a whole new site. We suggest in that case, you’d better make a couple of new sites.
CMS Websites: This is where you win over HTML websites. Redesigning is never a problem, you can tweak configuartions or minor template change and your new design is ready to be launched. Compared to HTML websites, this is nto a tedious job when it comes to CMS websites and can be easily done and replaced with old pages.
2. Templates
HTML Websites: You just don’t get that with this one. Here, templates means redesigning the whole website from scratch and make a new one. Because individually, every single page is hard-coded and made from the back-end, there is no way that you can update a single template and have the entire webpage renovated. This means going to every page and updating it painstakingly.
CMS Websites: Again you win here with CMS websites because if you wanta a change affecting theentrie website, you don’t have to go to every page and make changes. Make change on one template and the whole website gets updated on its own. There is nothing like hard-coing involved in CMS websites and that saves a lot of efforts.
3. Time is Money
HTML Websites: Imagine the amount of time and effort you are going to put in constructing one page and then multiply that with the number of pages your website is going to have – that will be the time you will be investing. That means you are losing precious hours in hard-coding while you could have your page ready in matter of few hours and have started out on business.
CMS Websites: And at half the time and half the speed, you can have it all done right here without much energy and draining involved. You can make your life easy by ensuring that your time is saved and less efforts are required and you get a better website. Time and Money and Business can be saved with CMS websites.
Go ahead and pick a CMS that is perfect for your effort and imagine how lazy you can get and have it implemented so that you get a brand new website with latest in-trend designs.

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