5 Best CMS for Small Businesses


CMS much as all of us know stands for Content Management System. Just as it says, it literally allows you to manage the content of your website. You can take care of all that goes on to your website – the content, images and videos. It also allows you to have a full on search engine optimization.

There are different CMSs available in the market. The best that suits your business will be the only call you will take. Necessarily, not all CMS sites have similar functionalities but below mentioned top 5 are the ones that have forever ruled the market:

1. WordPress

The most commonly used and the most favorite of CMS websites is WordPress. Not only does it provide an interactive User / Admin but it also but it also allows easy integration with websites or make a complete website out of it. You can do anything with WordPress site and the themes and plugins are worth the entire package that you will get it.

2. Concrete 5

The best that you can do for your website if it has lots of pages and has lot of content to manage – you can opt for Content 5. You can manage your content easily and tweak a bit of design too if you are looking forward to managing the Content you have on your website.

3. Joomla

If you are looking for more website kind of Content Management System, then Joomla will be perfect for you. Joomla in itself is slightly complicated and not a recommended CMS for blog and best for website. There will be tweaking and configuring involved when you are going for a website in Joomla

4. Drupal

Drupal’s most exotic feature will be the Security system it has. It is not very different from Joomla but you can use many plugins for configuring and it is flexible and provides better security when it comes to maintaining webpages and the data in it.

5. Textpattern

Textpattern is a cross between Concrete 5 and Drupal and is easy to install but definitely requires many tools for tweaking and customization. You can install and create your own designs and if you also wish to create your own designs, then Textpattern is considered to be one of the best CMS your website can get. Try not to choose it for your blog though – too much heaviness might not be server friendly.

Get a hang on all these five great options that you have got and ensue that your website / blog is getting rolling in the right direction.

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